10 Cydia Apps to Customize iPhone Homescreen, Lockscreen

by Jeffry on October 29, 2010

Now you have jailbroken your iPhone, its time to acknowledge its power. We have already shared Top 10 Cydia apps for Jailbroken iPhone with you but following Cydia apps will supercharge your iPhone Homescreen and Lockscreen and will take your device to the next level. Below is the list of 10 best Cydia Apps for Homescreen and Lockscreen customization.

Top 10 Apps to Customize Homescreen and Lockscreen on Jailbroken iPhone

Infinifolders - It allows Jailbroken iOS 4 folders to go on forever, Infinifolders bypass Apple’s limitations of 12 apps in a single iOS 4 folder and allow you to put inside a folder as many apps as you want, choose the color of the scroll bar and even paginate the folder. Do not place folder inside folder as it may be disastrous.

Infinifolders For iPhone

FolderEnhancer – Unlike FoldersinFolders App, FolderEnhancer for iOS 4.x not only creates sub-folders on iPhone and iPod Touch but also allow you to move multiple icons in single step. The app works flawlessly with Iconoclasm and support icon pages and pages with in folder and Sub folders. For example, after creating games folder you can create one or more folder like action games, board games and so on. You can keep creating folders, inside folders, inside folders, etc. Want to know, how this Cydia app will work? Hit the FolderEnhancer app video below


Winterboard – It allows you to customize iPhone’s Springboard easily. With Winterboard Cydia app, you can easily change iPhone icons, customize applications, status bar graphics, iPhone dock graphics, install themes, tweaking SMS tones and change wallpapers of your iPhone Springboard. After you install this one on iOS 4, might notice some odd behaviors, and uneven space between icons. Just go into the Winterboard app, disable all the checkmarked options, and respring.


Multifl0w – It is a task-switcher for jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches has been redesigned to support iPad running iOS 3.2 and iPhone on iOS 4. Multifl0w 2.0 now with expose like interface, lets you switch between applications running in background and is said to be much easier, faster, and more intuitive and uses very less memory.


Multifl0w multitasking app displays upto 9 applications preview that are running in background in a sleek interface with the thumbnails of the applications on-screen, for easy and quick task switching. You just need to shake your iPhone and then tap (or double-tap) on the thumbnail to switch to that application.

Locktopus – You can now password lock your individual applications directly from Springboard without opening another app and respring with “Loctopus”. Loctopus Cydia jailbreak app provides protection against opening of single iPhone application from unauthorized access.


SBSettings - Provides you with an instant access to settings that disable and enable services like Wi-Fi and GPS. SBSettings is a customizable launcher that overlays a menu containing basic functions of the system “options” menus. Accessing this menu is darn easy! Just swipe the bar at the top of the screen with the time and contains things like Reboot, Respring, 3G, Wi-Fi, and other switches to turn things on and off. Now you must admit that SBSettings is a must have app on your iPhone 4.


Gridlock – It allow you to reposition springboard icons freely! You can move the icons in every possible way in the 4×4 layout throughout the Springboard, even allowing you to leave empty space. With Gridlock Cydia app you can arrange your springboard icons in order of how frequently they are being used or assigning rows to a particular category of apps on Jailbroken iDevice.


Overboard – This adds an overview of all the Springboard pages and allows you to jump in between them. It extends the Springboard page limit, too. OverBoard can be customized using Settings.app on your iDevice. You can customize the size of the preview, the display of the status-bar and icons in the dock and much more. This older app has been recently updated to support iOS 4.x and retina display is available for $1.99 only.


LockInfo – It is one of the best jail-broken Cydia apps that provide functionality most anyone would expect would be available by default on their iPhone. LockInfo brings your calendar, e-mail, news, sports, weather, SMS notifications and missed calls to the lockscreen. LockInfo has now been updated with Retina Display. Alternatively, you can also use IntelliScreen for which you need to shell out $9.99 to get it on your iPhone. Element Lockscreen app is available too as yet another option for you.


NoLockScreen – It disables the “Slide to unlock” feature. In case you don’t have passcode or pending message, it will skip the lockscreen completely when unlocking. You can follow us on twitter or join our facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on such iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad hacks. You may also like to check out following list of iPhone apps.

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