How to Partition SD Card on Android Device

by Jeffry on December 30, 2009

Manually partitioning SD card of Android phone will allow you to install application on the SD card memory (knows as Apps2SD, App2SD and A2SD) instead of installing them in the internal memory of your phone making your device to run faster. Follow the instructions below to partition the Android SD card.


Requirements before partitioning Android SD card

  • Take the backup of your content stored in SD card backed
  • Root your Android phone in order to use partitioned SD card efficiently
  • Android Device Bridge (ADB) that comes along with the Android SDK. Make sure to have Android SDK installed on your PC.

How to partition Android SD card to run application

Step #1 Download and save the latest version of file (sdparted.txt) developed by “51dusty” to the C:\ drive of your computer.

Step #2 Connect your Android device to your PC via USB.

Step #3 Hold down the Home button on your phone when you hit the Power button to boot it into cm-recovery. You will notice the screen like the one below.

partition Android sdcard

Step #4 Navigate to the tools folder in Android SDK folder and then copy files adb.exe and AdbWinApi.dll to your C:\windows\system32 folder of your computer.

Step #5 Open Windows Command Prompt (Navigate to Start > Run > enter cmd and click OK).

Step #6 Type

adb push /sdparted.txt /sbin/sdparted
adb shell chmod 755 /sbin/sdparted

Step #7 Now type the command adb shell. You should get a ‘new’ prompt as seen in the screenshot below


Step #8 Type the following command to partition your Android SD card.

sdparted -efs ext4


This will create a swap that’s 32MB, an ext4 partition that’s 512MB and the remainder of your card will be a fat32 partition. This allows for 512MB of apps to be installed on your SD card.

Step #9 Type Y and hit enter to confirm. This will unmount all the partitions from SD card.

Step #10 Type Y and hit enter to confirm again. This will wipe your SD card completely.


Step #11 Type Y and hit enter to confirm again. Removes all partitions and allocate the space to the portioned android SD card.


Step #12 Type exit and then restart your android phone.


Now, whenever you install apps on your android phone, they will be installed to your SD card instead of the internal phone memory of android device.

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  • Andrew Fishburn

    How do i make the Partition bigger than 512 megs?

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