36 Top Cydia Tweaks (apps) for Jailbroken iPhone 4, 3GS

by Jeffry on November 6, 2010

After Jailbreaking stamped legal by US government, more and more people are jailbreaking their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Why? The answer is simple!  There are tons of powerful apps and tweaks available in Cydia store for jailbroken devices that will help you to customize the springboard, lockscreen and much ore which is otherwise not possible with apps available under Appstore. Here is a list of top 35 Cydia tweaks, from which you can choose after jailbreaking iOS devices.

iPhone Jailbreak Cydia apps

List of 36 best Cydia Tweaks of all Time

1. FaceBreak: When Apple came out with FaceTime it worked only via Wi-Fi, with this tweak you are able to make FaceTime calls via 3G as well. Without any setup required you can easily get FaceTime running over 3G and use it anywhere you want. It is similar to 3G Unrestrictor and My3G, except it only works with FaceTime. FaceBreak is available for US$1.49 only.


2. Mark Read: Bombarded with too many emails which you are not going to read anyway? Well, this tweak may do wonder for you as it provides an easy way to mark all your inbox items as read, or just emails you select as read. Just tap “Edit” on your mailbox, and you will be provided with an option to select certain emails or tap “Mark All.” You can also mass archive or move emails, too. Mark Read Cydia app is available for $1.99.

Mark Read

3. EZDecline: Replaces “slide to answer” with “Answer” and “Decline” buttons instead. It comes handy when you are busy in a meeting or sleeping and do not wish to answer a call. EZDecline restores the Accept/Decline button from a call even when your iPhone is currently locked. It works on all iPhones, and optimized for iPhone4′s retina display. EZDecline is available for $0.99 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo.


4. Gpower Pro: Simple tweak that alters the default power down screen and modifies the options displayed when you press and hold the power button on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Rather than just showing “Slide to Power Off”, you’ll now also have the ability to Respring and reboot in the same manner. GPower Pro is available in Cydia for $0.99 in Cydia.

GPower pro

5. NoLockScreen: It disables the “Slide to unlock” feature. In case you don’t have passcode or pending message, it will skip the lockscreen completely when unlocking.

6. SnapTap: Most of the users have a habit of using hardware buttons to click a photo, especially those who have recently adopted iPhone. This tweak lets you take photos with the iPhone’s volume controls and headset button instead of finding the small camera touch button at the bottom. Support iOS 4.x and iPhone 4 as well. Get your SnapTap tweak for $1.49 only.


7. MobileVolumeSound: This tweak adds the sound when you press the volume up or down buttons to your iPhone. Unlike Mac OS X, this noise is not present in iOS for an unkown reason. MobileVolumeSound adds this feature back to iOS, and works on all versions from 3.0 on.


8. Infinifolders: It allows Jailbroken iOS 4 folders to go on forever, Infinifolders bypass Apple’s limitations of 12 apps in a single iOS 4 folder and allow you to put inside a folder as many apps as you want, choose the color of the scroll bar and even paginate the folder.

Infinifolders For iPhone

9. HDR/Game Center Enabler: Currently, iPhone 3G user on iOS 4.1 cannot access GameCenter while iPhone 3GS owners on iOS 4.1 have GameCenter, but Apple completely denied the compatibility of HDR photos (High dynamic range photos) function. With HDR/GameCenter Enabler tweak you can easily enable GameCenter on the iPhone 3G, as well as enable HDR Images in the camera app for both the iPhone 3G and 3GS running iOS 4.1 firmware. Activate it with Winterboard.

GameCenter Enabler iPhone 3G

10. SecretSMS: This awesome tweak encrypts SMS messages so that they can only be read with a password. You can easily send encrypted SMS to your contacts. Receiver cannot see the plain text unless he or she knows the password. It is one of the very convenient, useful, safe and professional tool.

SecretSMS cydia

11. Locktopus: You can now password lock your individual applications directly from Springboard without opening another app and respring with “Loctopus”. Loctopus Cydia jailbreak app provides protection against opening of single iPhone application from unauthorized access. This is the most simple and safe method out there to lock any of your apps. Loctopus is available for $1.99 only.


12. Home Page in Safari: You can finally set the homepage in your iPhone’s Safari browser like you would on any other browser. Allows you to set a home page in Mobile Safari by simply tapping the “+” button while visiting the website of your choice, then tapping the “Set as Home”. “Home Page in Safari” is available on Cydia via BigBoss repository for $0.99 only.

Set Home Page in Safari

13. EnhancedTabs: Must have tweak that lets you adjust Safari’s “Open in New Page” action. You can either set safari to “normal”, which opens a link in a new tab, or you can force it to stay in the current tab or the tab overview screen while a new page opens in the background. You can also choose to automatically go to the tab overview screen every time you launch Safari. The “TabCloser” option can be enabled to close all tabs but the selected one.

EnhancedTabs for iPhone

14. FolderEnhancer: Unlike FoldersinFolders App, FolderEnhancer for iOS 4.x not only creates sub-folders on iPhone and iPod Touch but also allow you to move multiple icons in single step. The app works flawlessly with Iconoclasm and support icon pages and pages with in folder and Sub folders. For example, after creating games folder you can create one or more folder like action games, board games and so on. You can keep creating folders, inside folders, inside folders, etc.


15. FullScreen for Safari: This tweak allows you to run Safari in full-screen mode and navigate using touch gestures. Actions can be assigned to each Gesture, so you can customize the way it works to your liking. You can map two and three-finger controls, double taps and shaking the device. FullScreen for Safari is available for $1.49 via Cydia.


16. MyOS: It is a new tweak that allows you to enable or disable all the major functions of iOS without having to edit a plist file. Such settings you can enable or disable are: MultitaskingHomescreen WallPapers, Unified iPod (merged video and iPod apps into the Music App), AppStore Access, Contacts, Enable HDR photosGameCenter (3G only), Camera and Voice Control.

MyOS App for iPhone

17. Wi-Fi Sync: It allows you to completely sync your iPhone or iPod touch with iTunes without having to tether. You check out WiFi Sync app video in action. The Wi-Fi Sync iPhone app is available on Cydia for $9.99, which requires jailbroken iOS 4.x firmware.


18. iPShare: Cydia app that allows you to share your 3G Data Connection from the iPhone or iPad 3G within your local WiFi Network. It’s basically a SOCKS5 Proxy so you can create a WiFi Network on our Computer, connect the iPhone/iPad to that Network and browse the Internet on your Computer using the iPhones/iPads Internet connection. iPShare Cydia app is available for only $2.90.


19. My3G: It makes Apps believe that they are on WiFi instead of 3G and let you make and take FaceTime calls over 3G (no Wi-Fi required) on your iPhone 4, Jailbroken with JailbrekMe. With My3G, you can now also watch high definition YouTube videos, use Skype or Fring or other VOIP apps over the 3G network. Good alternative to 3G unrestrictor.


20. Auto3G: This tweak extends battery life by automatically turning off 3G when you lock your phone then turning it back on automatically when you unlock. You can also have Auto3G automatically turn-off the 3G radio when you have a WiFi connection. Te tweak works with iPhonw 4, 3GS, 3G and is available at a price of $5.99 only.


21. Multifl0w: Awesome task-switcher that have expose like interface to switch between applications running in background. Multifl0w multitasking app displays upto 9 applications preview that are running in background in a sleek interface with the thumbnails of the applications on-screen, for easy and quick task switching.


22. SpringFlash: It is a springboard Activator-based application that takes advantage of the iPhone 4 LED Flash to serve as a flashlight. You can have a touch of a button for a bright LED flashlight without hassling with unlocking your iPhone, closing your app, or even turning on your screen. To install SpringFlash, you need to jailbreak your iPhone 4.


23. MxTube: It is iPhone first native YouTube Video downloader for watching then offline later. It has a slick interface much like the native YouTube app from Apple, that lets you search for videos and schedules tasks to download either a Wi-Fi or Edge version of the video. MxTube Cydia app works flawlessly on jailbroken iPhone running iOS 4.x firmware.


24. CyDelete: It allows you to remove Cydia packages right from the SpringBoard like Appstore. Just hold down the icon, wait for them to start wiggling, and tap the X. It is important to note that CyDelete will not remove applications that are not managed by Cydia, though they will be marked with an X. In addition to it, it will also not remove Cydia itself.


25. Covert: Add a “Private Browsing” mode to Safari that does not save history and restore cookie preferences when closing or restarting Safari. It adds the feature to Mobile Safari itself, taking inspiration from Chrome for design. The UI changes color when the Private Browsing is enabled. Covert is the best way to manage your privacy while browsing through iPhone.

Covert Private Browsing

26. iPicMyContacts: A simple tweak that shows contact pictures next to their names in your address book. iPcMyContacts comes very handy, when many of your contacts share same name (both first and last name). iPcMyContacts is available for $1.29 in Cydia Store via BigBoss repo.


27. LockInfo: It is one of the best jail-broken Cydia apps that provide functionality most anyone would expect would be available by default on their iPhone. LockInfo brings your calendar, e-mail, news, sports, weather, SMS notifications and missed calls to the lockscreen. LockInfo has now been updated with Retina Display.


28. Gridlock: It allows you to reposition springboard icons freely! You can move the icons in every possible way in the 4×4 layout throughout the Springboard, even allowing you to leave empty space. With Gridlock Cydia app you can arrange your springboard icons in order of how frequently they are being used or assigning rows to a particular category of apps on Jailbroken iDevice.


29. Overboard: This adds an overview of all the Springboard pages and allows you to jump in between them. It extends the Springboard page limit, too. OverBoard can be customized using Settings.app on your iDevice. You can customize the size of the preview, the display of the status-bar and icons in the dock and much more. This older app has been recently updated to support iOS 4.x and retina display is available for $1.99 only.


30. Synchronicity: This tweak lets you continue to use your iPhone or iPod Touch while you sync with iTunes. You can run apps, make calls, etc. but cannot run music app, as it might corrupt the data.  Synchonicity Cydia app is available for $2.00 only.


31. Resupported4: Want to play iPhone, iPod Touch videos on TV? This is must have Cydia tweak that enables video-out with the use of almost any unsupported AV cables, usually made for iPods. It adds video playback support to third-party applications, such as Hulu+, IMDB, VEVO, and more! Resupported4 is available in Cydia or Rock and includes a 10 Day Trial.


32. AndroidLock XT: An enhanced version of AndroidLock, and android like lockscreen for your iDevice. Just Tap or slide to unlock. AndroidLock XT is compatible with LockCalendar, LockInfo and Cydgets and is available for $1.49 only.

AndroidLockXT for iPhone

33. LS Rotator: Like iPad, this tiny tweak lets you rotate your lockscreen according to your device’s orientation. After pairing up with SBRotator, your iPhone act just like the iPad. Just tap the lockscreen with 2 fingers, your able to lock the orientation for those moments when you just don’t want to rotate. Rotation duration, orientation angles and graphical options are available under settings. LS Rotator is available via Cydia at a price of $0.99 only.

LS Rotator

34. GroupSend: This Cydia mod lets you send a message to a group of people available in your address book. When you choose to “add contact” while composing a new message, you can select more than one contact rather than one by one. You can also select existing groups you have created as well in a single tap. GroupSend app is available in Cydia for $1.49 and slightly cheaper than GroupSMS which is tagged for $1.99 only.


35. iControl: It automatically manages the usage of your WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and 2G radios on your device to maximize the battery life of your iPhone. This mod will manage things even when your iPhone is locked. iControl  is available via Cydia at a price of $4.99 only.

iControl iPhone App

36. Silent Photo: Turn off the annoying camera shutter sound when you take a photo. You can easily activate it with Winterboard.

Did I missed any of the powerful Cydia app and your favorite? Well, you can always share your list of Apps via comments. You can follow us on twitter or join our facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on such iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad hacks. You may also like to check out more on iPhone apps:

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      try looking in your general settings and then going to the accessibility folder and see if you have ‘white on black’ mode switched on 

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      Yeah and if you can’t find that, connect to your computer, go to your iPhone via iTunes and search the extra settings in the general overview of your iPhone information.

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    Gpower Pro and LSRotator together will give a bug. When you rotate your phone and unlock it and then call the ‘shutdown screen’ it has a bug.

  • MichaelP

    Gpower Pro and LSRotator together will give a bug. When you rotate your phone and unlock it and then call the ‘shutdown screen’ it has a bug.

  • MichaelP

    Gpower Pro and LSRotator together will give a bug. When you rotate your phone and unlock it and then call the ‘shutdown screen’ it has a bug.

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  • http://twitter.com/Random0o Alex Philip

    Activator: This is a very useful and handy tweak to have. It allows you to customize how you open any app, as well as setting function to almost any gesture possible. Simple by going to the Settings.app you can change the function of the hardware buttons (i.e. double or triple tapping the lock or home button) and on-screen gestures.

    Circuitous: Feel like Apple’s default app switcher isn’t too great? Feel like is just missing something or is not all it could be? Circuitous is an very nice custom app switcher. By default this app appears on the right side of the screen, and can be activated by a custom gesture. You can edit this using Activator (see above). This tweak give you a dock, showing you’re open apps in the order you opened them. You can rearrange them by tapping and holding and you can tap and hold then drag them out to close the app.

    Direct Closer: This is a simple tweak that automatically adds the red closing badge to the background manager when you double tap the home button.

    Fast Copy: A simple tweak that removes the delay for the copy option.

    Find In Page: Adds a ‘Find In Page’ bookmark to the Safari.app, so you can search for a key work on you’re open page.

    Five Icon Dock: Allows you to have five icons on your dock.

    Five Icon Switcher: It allows you to have five icons to the app switcher when you double tap the home button.

    FontSwap: Allows to change the font of you’re dialer, lockscreen, notes, and the system.

    iNoRotate: Allows you to turn off rotation for certain or all app.

    iTransform to iPod: For all the iPod Touch users out there, this tweak combines the Music.app and Videos.app into one iPod.app, just like on the iPhone.

    LiveClock: LiveClock is a really cool tweak which makes the Clock.app icon display the actual time. The hands move just like a real clock.

    MultiIconMover: After you hold an icon on the Springboard, making them wiggle, you can simple tap all the icons you want to move, scroll to the page you want them, and tap the home button, moving them all on that page.

    Frash: Allows Flash on the iPhone. When you visit a webpage that has flash on it, a gray box appears the saying “flash.” Tap the box and it will load flash. To get this, you will have to add the BENM.AT repo (http://repo.benm.at/) to Cydia.

    No Bookmarks: Stops Safari from automatically loading up the bookmarks when you load it.

    SBSettings: One of the biggest and most useful apps you can get. When you slide you’re finger across the status bar at the top, a dashboard will slide down. From you if allows you to set toggles, and edit options. Some toggles include, brightness, 3g, wifi, and autocorrect. It also gives a dock that you can put links to apps in to load anywhere and lets you put the date, free memory, and other options on the status bar at the top. Even better though, it gives you the ability to hide apps from the springboard.

    WeatherIcon: Displays the actual weather on the Weather.app’s icon. It is automatically refreshed. It tells you whether is it dark, light, cloudy, rainy, sunny, and much more.

    WinterBoard: This is an app that manages and loads themes for you iPod or iPhone. You can download themes that customize you icons, dock, background, lockscreen, and much much more. There are even themes that customize the pop-up notification, and navigation items.

    Browser Changer: This will allows you to change the default browser from Safari to any 3rd-party browser you have installed.

    Cyntact: Shows contact pictures in the contact list. Available for $1.00.

    Direct Control: For anyone you listens to music a lot while multitasking. This tweaks will bring up the iPod controls first when you double tap the home button.

    Disable Multitasking: Just as the name implies it disables multitasking. It can be toggles in the WinterBoard.app.

    EnhancedTabs: This is how the Safari.app should be. By going to the Settings.app you can choose from different options. You can choose from, open new tabs in the background (staying on the current tab), and stop on the tab overview. You can also have Safari open to the tab overview if you have multiple tabs open already, and it gives you a button to close all but the current tab.

    External iPod Controls: This allows you to use the volume button to change songs. When no music is play, the buttons work normally. But don’t worry, when music is playing and you want to change the volume all you have to do is hold down the button for a brief second and then the volume will go up or down. Available for $0.99.

    Five-Column SpringBoard: Gives you a fifth column on the Springboard to put apps on.

    Five|Rows: Gives you five rows on the SpringBoard to put apps on.

    FolderCloser: automatically closes the folder after launch an app.

    FullPreview: Allows you to view complete music videos in the iTunes.app. Available for $1.99.

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