Connect Nintendo Wii Remote with your Android Phone

by Jeffry on May 15, 2010

Guys over XDA dev forum have developed an app WiimoteController that allows a Wii remote to connect to your Android phone. You can then use the Wii remote to control various apps. Currently, the app is in alpha version, so don’t be surprised if it does not work seamlessly on your android phone. Video shows detailed instructions on how to pair-up your Nexus One with Wii Remote.


Video- Using Wii controller to play games on Nexus One

Impressive! Isn’t? But how to use it on Android? Well, we have a step by step instructions for you. Just follow them.

Guide: How to use WiimoteController

  • Turn Bluetooth on and run the WiimoteController application.
  • Select the menu button and choose Keyboard Settings. Enable “WiiControllerIME”.
  • Now, tap the first button and at the same time put your Wii remote in discovery mode by pressing “1″ and “2″ simultaneously.
  • Wait till “Connected” message appears. The first LED will turn on the Wii remote
  • Back in WiimoteController tap the second button and select WiiControllerIME

Voila!! Your Wii remote is connected now. In order to disconnect, hold the power button on the Wii remote or simply turn the phone’s Bluetooth off and finally, don’t forget to set IME back or you won’t be able to type.

Video Instructions on How to connect Wii remote with Google Nexus One

Download WiimoteController 0.25 for Android Phone

Just bring your android phone camera near the QR Code image below. The app will start downloading WiimoteController automatically or alternatively search out for in Android Market. Search for Wiimote Controller (try this link from the phone only).


Via – xda Dev

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