Downgrade iPhone OS 4.0 Beta1 to iPhone OS 3.1.3 Firmware

by Chris on April 11, 2010

After installing iPhone OS 4.0, you will lose your jailbreak and unlock on your iPhone and iPod Touch, and being beta release you may not look forward to continue with it. If you are looking for a solution to downgrade iPhone 4.0 firmware to 3.1.3 then follow the steps below (only for mac users). Windows users may follow separate instructions here.


Steps to downgrade iPhone 4.0 firmware to 3.1.3

Step #1 Copy the application “iRecovery” on the desktop and install the library “libusb”.

Step #2 Open iTunes, click the ALT key + Restore and manually load the original 3.1.3 firmware.

Step #3 During the restore process, you’ll notice a pop up with error 1015, neglect it.

Step #4 Click Ok to close the pop-ups and close iTunes.

Step #5 Now open the terminal and type the following commands:

  cd Desktop
 . / iRecovery -s
 setenv auto-boot true

Step #6 Wait a few seconds and disconnect the iPhone from the cable, then reboot the phone by clicking Home + Power buttons simultaneously.

Step #7 Once you connect the phone via USB and proceed normally, the Apple logo appears on the display.

 Voila! The downgrade from iPhone OS 4.0 to iPhone OS 3.1.3 is successfully completed.


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  • Pemicabe

    it doenst work for iphone 3gs …FORGET IT

  • Krisybissy14

    when it says open the terminal and type what does that mean ? on the phone?

    • Jose Javier Flores

      It means to open up terminal in mac os x

  • Hangrithy78

    how to activate iphone 3gs without sim

  • Hangrithy78

    how to activate iphone 3gs without sim

  • brandon

    did not work for me. don't know how to use the terminal and don't know what you mean by open the terminal. please help! os4 is terrible

  • AlexK


    When you install LibUsb, you must first right click, go to properties, then change the compatibilty to Windows XP or else all of your USB ports, ethernet port, wireless, etc won't work.

    If you forget, just uninstall it from the Programs & Features menu, then restart the computer to get back.

  • Wendycasper2001

    Thank you so much….it works…..great post

    • Ken Moore

      Wendy casper 2001 according to your reply on you were able to remove the upgrade to 4.0 and revert back to 3.1.3 on your iphone. I am having compatability problems with my audio hardware as a result of this upgrade. I see the steps listed on the website, but I do not understand. Would you please help me and walk me through the steps? . I will gladly pay you for your time.

  • Tianliang_90

    and how to i type in the open and type in the command? i open irecovery and it open and close

  • Tianliang_90

    i keep getting error 3194. what should i do?

  • Jaredwd

    I don't think I have the beta os 4.0, I think it is the real release… will this still work?

  • iPhone 3G'zy

    thank you, thank you, thank you….. !!! however, i was able to do this using iTunes 9.2

  • hope this helps

    to any who have saved their SHSHs add this line to your hosts file: located C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc open hosts file as txt document (for vista and 7 run notepad as admin before) then put your ipod or iphone in DFU mode, store to 3.1.3 and it should run fine, that’s what I did and I own a ipt3G 32gb MC model hope it helps!

  • Thomas Joos

    I tried this method to downgrade my iPhone 3GS but I keep getting the same error: '' the device is not eligible for this build request " What should i do?

    • CHIAN83


  • anony5

    Agreed, you are a savior. I ran into some problems with using iTunes 9.2 but reinstalled 9.1 and everything was peachy. You can download 9.1 online and then if you are on os x I used appzapper to remove 9.2.

  • Thomas

    Can't get itunes to accept my Iphone with IOS4 GM. Says i have to use ITunes 9.2?? Help… IOS4 sucks

  • shashi

    Hi, Please let us know is it possible to upgrade from “iPhone OS 3.1.3″ Firmware to “iPhone OS 4.0 Beta”

  • shashi

    Hi, Please let us know is it possible to upgrade from "iPhone OS 3.1.3" Firmware to "iPhone OS 4.0 Beta"

  • Brian

    Thank you, sir. You are my iPhone saviour.

  • Puppybasher

    Thank you so much!

  • KingsleyZissou

    I'm having major trouble.I've done and tried this 3 times and nothing. I'm in the lock screen. What is supposed to happen after I type in each command? I don't know if I'm doing it right.HELP?!

  • grateful

    You are a saviour! – thought I'd lost my iPhone forever

  • lado

    i have some problem with iRecovery. when im typing ./irecovery -s comes this out:lado-bakhtadzes-macbook-pro:desktop ladoiesmac$ ./iRecovery -siRecovery – Recovery Utility for 0×1281 and wEsTbAeR– and Tom3qGot USBNo iPhone/iPod found.and nothing happens. please help

  • imatatan

    i used blackra1n and when the screen went black reset holding home and off, got out of error 1015

  • hellrazor

    Step #1 Copy the application “iRecovery” on the desktop and install the library “libusb”.Step #2 Open iTunes, click the ALT key + Restore and manually load the original 3.1.3 firmware.Step #3 During the restore process, you’ll notice a pop up with error 1015, neglect it.Step #4 Click Ok to close the pop-ups and close iTunes.Step #5 Now open the terminal and type the following commands: cd Desktop . / iRecovery -s setenv auto-boot true saveenv fsboot exitStep #6 Wait a few seconds and disconnect the iPhone from the cable, then reboot the phone by clicking Home + Power buttons simultaneously.Step #7 Once you connect the phone via USB and proceed normally, the Apple logo appears on the display.

  • brandondghill

    Works as described. Thanks for posting!

  • DKSG

    Indeed a save lifer. It sucks real big time having to be stuck with the still buggy OS 4.0 beta 2

  • meyersensei

    Thank you for the rescue….

  • ayhan

    merci beaucoup, ça a marché.C'est vraiment gentil de ta part, j'avais eu très peur.Merci mille fois

  • monlet

    I am running 10.5.8 so can't install Libusb, does anyone know where I can get a version for osx 10.5

  • jeremythegreat

    Thank GOD FOR YOU! You just saved my life after I bricked my iphone.

  • iamxande

    It worked great for me. Lesson learned. Now I am using the Beta on my old 3G which now it is officially my test unit.:)

  • Sanju

    Thanks for saving my life :)

  • Jim Robinson

    Can you use this process to go from 4 to 3.1.2 instead of 3.1.3? We can JB 3.1.2

    • RockSplode


  • RockSplode

    Thank you! I was getting sick of 4.0 being so buggy. When I went to downgrade I totally bricked my phone. For all the noobies like me. Enter each command in terminal individually then hit return. After you've downgraded, you can restore from a backup. AWESOME!!!

  • Jarda

    Last login: Thu Apr 15 17:06:49 on ttys000Jarda-MacBook-Pro:~ uzivatel$ cd DesktopJarda-MacBook-Pro:Desktop uzivatel$ . / iRecovery -s-bash: .: /: is a directoryJarda-MacBook-Pro:Desktop uzivatel$ setenv auto-boot true-bash: setenv: command not foundPLEASE HELP ME ! :( :( :( :(

    • alenknight

      hey Jada;try removing the space between "./" and "iRecovery"…. i had the same issue… then it worked when removing the space between them…now back to my question… how to get rid of the libusb AFTER this is done?!?!? i'm debating going ahead and using timemachine to do a system restore… takes 4 hours…

    • Zezima

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  • alenknight

    anyone know how to uninstall the Libusb.pkg after doing this? i'm on the mac osx…. not much info on google about how to do it.

  • thomas_typo3

    A zillion "thank you"s

  • Jaume

    Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!!!! I think that I lose my iphone !!! You are my heroe!!Thanks again!

  • ice

    i cant install Libusb library on my 10.4.11. Libusb library must have 10.6. so what can i do????

  • Claire

    You beauty!!!! it worked :)

  • james

    Hi -Does anyone know how to restore baseband as well?Basedband on 4.0 has bugs.

  • michel

    instead os irecovery you can also use blackra1n, i did it and works perfect.

  • Kevin

    thank you SO much. I needed to downgrade and this worked prefectly. Brilliant!

  • Don

    Doesn't work for me, and I followed the steps to a t. I end up restoring the software and getting into iTunes, but I can't select the Apps tab, and when I go to my phone, it's stuck in the emergency mode.

  • niales

    Thanks a lot. It works!

  • welshys

    I get to the point entering the stuff in the terminal and it comes up with this:Paul:Desktop paulwelsh$ /Users/paulwelsh/Desktop/iRecovery –siRecovery – Recovery Utilityby westbaerThanks to pod2g, tom3q, planetbeing and geohot../iRecovery [args] -f <file> upload file. -r reset usb. -c "command" sends a single command. -s starts a shell.Paul:Desktop paulwelsh$ setenv auto-boot true-bash: setenv: command not foundPaul:Desktop paulwelsh$ ————–am I doing something wrong?I installed the libusb and have the iRecovery file on the desktop :(any help much appreciated!

  • Imthiaz Rafiq

    Wow man it worked… Thank you so much. You just saved my day :-)

  • Chris

    How do I type the commands in Terminal…all on one line? Do I push "enter" after each command? Please help a newbie.Thanks

  • Josiah

    Thank you. This worked for me. Really helped me out.

  • Dummy

    iPhone operates again, but can I restore my backup or I must abandon the idea?

    • Bachel

      I think you have to forget about that. I couldn't restore the backup either. Any game scores and so an will be lost anyway, the are not saved in a backup. I think. You can now synch anything (calendar, contacts, apps, music and so on), but nothing else.

      • Dummy

        It is more compared to SMS in fact … But this is not so important! Thank you very much for your help anyway!

  • Bachel

    Dummy: Did you do "Step #1 Copy the application “iRecovery” on the desktop and install the library “libusb”." ? I had a problem with that first, until I realised, that I have to install the package file downloaded (shame on me). After that, iRecovery did not put out an error-message anymore. And: Did you download iPhone OS 3.1.3 from somewhere? After you did all the steps mentioned (your iPhone is disconnected from USB), just plug in the USB cable, iPhone will start like a new iPhone. Start iTunes and register it as a new iPhone. Then synch.

    • Dummy

      Oh … I forgot to disconnect the USB cable. I re-tried.Thank you for your quick response Bachel

      • Dummy

        After the new handling, I tried to restore the iphone from my backup and error 1015 is returned.

  • Dummy

    I still have an error 1015, someone would have an idea please?

    • Bachel

      You always will get this error! Just klick OK and follow the steps 5 to 7. The error does not have an issue on downgrading, when following Jeffrys instructions!

    • Jeffry

      Dummy, you can ignore the error 1015

  • Dummy

    Uhm… don’t work for me.

  • Bachel

    No need to thank! That's what a community and a forum is about.Let's wait for the official os 4 (and, maybe, a new iPhone as well).

  • KmSm

    thanx it worked

  • Bachel

    Just tried the above mentioned way to downgrade from os4 beta to 3.1.3 – works fine! Thanks!The only "bug" in the mentioned text: type "./iRecovery -s" instead of ". / IRecovery-s".Why I downgraded? Because quite a lot of apps (too much) did not work under os4. And it's my "normal" iPhone, not for developing only.Greets

    • aatkco

      Thanks a lot, really thanks so much, I was desperate and you provided the right codeThanks my hero. +1

    • Jeffry

      Thanks Bachel fo pointing it out,I have corrected it!

    • kuku83

      I do all the pass , and i have still the message of no activation , and the mobile phone bricked

      • Deep

        did you solve your issue ? I somehow have the same problem

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