Skyfire 2.0 Browser For Android Phone Released

by Jeffry on April 29, 2010

SkyFire for Android has finally dropped beta tag and has released its updated version SkyFire 2.0 which is available for download.


It is important to note that Skyfire Browser is the only mobile browser that supports all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, JavaScript and Flash 10 and provides you a Web browsing experience exactly like PC browsing.


Android version of Skyfire Browser does not compress web pages like Opera but it renders pages very quickly making browsing bearable on slower connections. Rendering of webpage is done on Skyfire’s servers. It sends image data to your phone instead of having your phone render it. Compared to anyone other mobile browser, Skyfire Browser load pages faster and more accurately on android phone.

Skyfire 2.0 for android also supports Pinch to zoom (on Android 2.0 and above), Multi-tab browsing and anonymous browsing. It readily clears session history upon exit to maintain secrecy. It’s “faux-flash” feature detect a flash video on a site and play it for you in full screen. It isn’t really flash.


Currently, there is no Flash support for Android phones, so you won’t be able to use the flash part till it is made available (Flash 10.1 on Android will arrive soon).

Download Skyfire 2.0 browser APK file for Android Phones

Skyfire v2.0 Browser for android

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