Activating 3G Service on Apple iPad Wi-Fi 3G Model

by Brian on April 30, 2010

Pre-orders for Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models will be available in the US market from today after 5 PM as all Apple retail stores are gearing up for a 5:00 PM start to in-store sales. On ahead of iPad distribution, Apple has posted a new guide that tells you how to set up 3G service for the iPad 3.2 through AT&T 3G data service and activate your cellular data-enabled Apple tablet.

iPad 3G

The process is simplified with series of screenshots for activating 3G service on their new Apple iPads, right from adding contact information and creating a login account to selecting a data plan and entering payment information. The process also includes a review of the Terms of Service for AT&T. Once you agree with the terms, a payment summary for the activated plan will be displayed. For simplicity, follow the steps to set up your new Cellular Data account:

How to Activate 3G Service on Apple iPad Wi-Fi 3G

Step #1 Tap Settings > Cellular Data > View Account:

iPad WiFi 3G

Step #2 The Cellular Data Account management window will open. Enter information or select an option in the following sections and tap Next when you are finished: 


  • User Information – Enter your first, last name and phone number.
  • Login Information – Enter an email address and a password. This will create an AT&T account. You can then  allowing make changes or view your usage statistics easily.
  • Recurring Domestic Plan Options – This allows you to select the type of plan you want to use.
  • Payment & Billing Information – Complete this section with the billing information you’d like to use to pay for your Cellular Data account. 

Step #3 The Terms of Service agreement loads. Tap Agree to continue, if you really Agree.


Step #4 The Payment Summary windows opens displaying summary of the account and selected plans. It is noteworthy that international data can also be managed through this screen and must be added while in the United States. 

Step #5 Tap Submit to complete the creation of your Cellular Data account. The Congratulations screen confirms the account creation, and that AT&T is activating your iPad. Tap OK to finish and return to the Settings screen of your iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.


After the signup process is completed, wait for a while, the activation process might take several minutes for 3G service to be activated.

iPad WiFi 3G

Customers can use their iPad as normal on Wi-Fi and will be notified by an alert once the Cellular Data connection is activated on iPad.

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  • Pavel Krejci

    My iPad doesn’t showing the apps when turn on just choose language country and shows wifi network for connecting

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