Set Wallpaper on Homescreen & Lockscreen on iPhone iOS 4

by Chris on June 22, 2010

When your home-screen app icons slide into place, you’ll see your lock-screen wallpaper rather than a boring black background. Want to customize your wallpaper? Now, that iOS has been released for public download, you can easily set Homescreen and Lockscreen Wallpaper on your iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4. Unfortunately, if you have an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G, the home-screen wallpaper is disabled.

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How to set Wallpaper on Homescreen and Lockscreen on iOS 4

Step 1: Tap to launch Settings from the Springboard.

Step 2: Tap to select Wallpaper from the Settings Menu.

Step 3: Tap the wallpaper preview button to continue

Step 4: Tap to open Camera Roll or Wallpaper folder

Step 5: Select an image you would like to make wallpaper

Step 6: Move and scale the image, if required and then press the Set button.

Step 7: Press to choose whether you would like the image set as the wallpaper for your homescreen, lockscreen, or both.

Step 8: Press the Home button to view your newly set wallpaper.

Voila! You have now successfully set wallpaper on iPhone homescreen and lockscreen.

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  • Marshelfarming

    my wallpaper photo does not appear in any of my albums – camera roll; or in the wallpaper section or my settings. the photo appears on the first page of the settings/wallpaper section but if i can’t do anything with it. I am trying to mms the wallpaper pic to a friend.  Can you help me please?

  • Sam

    Thanks so much:) I have been trying for ages to do it. It FINALLY worked….

  • Ak47

    The iphone Lock screen wallpaper will not be displayed while phone is charging.

    • Oreo

      ah ok, i was wondering how that was, i’m new to the touch, stuff xD

  • me, myself, and i

    i agree. it says i have iOs 4.2.1, but with a 2ng generation i cant do homescreen wallpaper. pissin me off, 2

    • Kevinmai

      same i have 4.2.1 but it wont let me do homescreen background and multitasking and those stuff

  • 4.2.1KilledMyJailbreak:(

    On mine there is no Step 7 ? It sets it as lockscreen :(

  • Celine

    It doesn’t work for my iPod Touch 3G with firmware 4.2.1 :( it doesn’t give me the option.

  • Reece Tyler

    I Only Says Set It Doesnt Say Set Both

  • Nicky

    Hey i tried what it told me to set my homepage background. but wen i hit the picture it only gives me the main screen wallpaper. i did notice that for a split second when i click on the photo i want i see the “set both” in the corner but it dissapears before i can get to it. how can i fis this?

  • Zee

    Okay when i do the scaling and press set, it doesnt give me an option. it just automatically sets it.

  • Raj

    ohh Thank you very much. I wasted 5 hours for this solution and finally I could. Thank you very much indeed. Gorgeous……..

  • Njay1447

    same problem as the others my ipod is version 4.2.1 1st generation and when i try to add a wallpaper and i hit set all it says is saving photo! my mom has the 2nd generation ipod and hers did it automatically without even programming it to its rlly annoying me!

  • Umar Amtiaz

    **For those who have a jailbroken Ipod touch 2G/3G or Iphone 3G**
    To get homescreen wallpaper and multitasking follow these steps!!!
    1. From Cydia, download “Winterboard”, if you dont have it already.
    2. After downloading Winterboard, again from Cydia, download “Features”.
    3. After downloading both, open Winterboard.
    4. Click on “Select Themes”
    5. Click on “Wallpaper, Multi-tasking”
    6. Hit the home button and wait for your ipod to go back to the lock screen.
    7. Slide to unlock and you should have Homescreen wallpaper and multi-tasking enabled.

    Reply for any comments or questions regarding this post!!!!

    • Adam Martinez


    • Dahowzai

      I’ve an iphone 4 jb and i cant set my wallpaper from camera roll. It set for awhile but once i restart my phone it returned to the iphone default wallpaper. Helpppp :(

    • bleurie

      Great!!! Thankz a million

  • Kogclan07

    Sam probelm as the others, iPod 2g 8gb and no home wallpaper. I know we can do it because my friend has the iPod 3g and showed me. Any help?

  • Alessiadi9

    i have the 8g ipod and it wont let me either??? its pissing me off ahhhhhh. all it says is lock on screen

  • Yesenia_tobar

    it doesnt work on my ipod like ill go to wallpaper but it doesnt ask what i wan it to be if lock or home sreen

  • Californiagirl Courtney

    i have a 3rd generation i pod touch and it won’t let me set my home screen wallpaper and its starting to make me mad

  • Sebastian Fosse

    i have the same problem i have an ipod touch 3g 8 gig and when i want to change i just can set it on lock screen

  • Zakgraal

    thats stupid cant do it on 2g :/

  • Billabongrocker

    apple should make another update to put homescreen for 3g

  • Luana

    But in my IPod Touch doesn’t appear this: “…homescreen, lockscreen, or both.” I don’t know what is happening because mine, is the one of 6.83 GB and it’s not working.

    • Lilly

      If your ipod touch is a 2nd generation then the homescreen background won’t be able to change. I tried on mine too.

  • Patiencehudson1

    how do you isable it

  • Josh Edwards17

    i am having the same exact probably with the ipod 3g and it also wont let me multi task

    • Duh

      You probably have a 2g.

  • JuanaKutch

    I don’t know what is going on with mine. I got an ipod touch 3g, 8GB, with the iOS 4. And following the steps, I am not even asked if I want to set the image for home screen. It sucks!!

    • Chuchugowuwu

      you have to have a fricking 32GB

  • Koreanpride25

    You can always jailbreak your iPod Touch. It’s simple and its 100% LEGAL now. Check out on your iPod if you really want to do it. It’s not that hard. Just slide and touch, and BAM. you can do mostly anything. :D

  • Dreamstrecher

    I also have had the same trouble :( but hey I ditched my Iphone for an Android it was by far the best move I have ever made and would never go back to Iphone while other manufacturers and OS's take massive steps forward apple give you a 3mp camera now multi tasking :lol: The Iphone era is over move on……. get a real smartphone.

    • Duh

      That’s retarded.

  • crazy

    this is so unfair ….why can't it work on a ipod touch 2g…why is it so complicated to just add an icon for us to do it :(

  • Katierosemoto

    i can't believe that it's not compatible with the iPod touch! does anyone know when they're going to make that available for ipod touch users?

    • MikeC_UK

      I've updated my iPod Touch 8Gb latest model to OS4 yesterday. Initially my old Loackscreen wallpaper was as I had before, but now it's black and I can't change it. Any ideas?

      • Death83197

        I KNOW SAME HERE!!!! So irittating

      • Mynar_jamie

        try doing a hard reset and then if that doesn’t work then restore it. Then complain to apple that you are having issues if it doesn’t work.

    • Koreanpride25

      You can always jailbreak your iPod Touch. It's simple and its 100% LEGAL now. Check out on your iPod if you really want to do it. It's not that hard. Just slide and touch, and BAM. you can do mostly anything. :D

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