Downgrade iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3 iPhone Firmware

by Jeffry on June 23, 2010

Few days back Apple released iOS4 which is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch iPod Touch 2G and 3G. Most users updated their iPhone to OS  intentionally or accidentally and now finding way to downgrade back to previous iPhone firmware. If for any reason, you upgraded it to iOS 4.0 and would go back to 3.1.3, follow the steps listed below.

To downgrade the firmware on the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G, you need the ECID SHSH certificate for firmware 3.1.3, and we are sure that you had saved it before the official release of firmware 4.0.

Steps to Downgrade iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3 OS Firmware

Step 1: First we make a manual change to the hosts file according to the Windows operating system. Navigate to the path “c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and open the hosts file in a notepad or wordpad. MAC users can navigate to the path “/etc/” and open the hosts file with TextEdit.

Step 2: At the end of file add the string “” useful to redirect requests for certificates for authenticity that iTunes will make to the Saurik server.

Step 3: Set up your device in recovery mode.

  • Turn off and unplug your device from your computer
  • Now press and hold the Home button while reconnecting the USB cable to your iPhone. After iPhone is connected it should power on the device.
  • Continue holding the Home button, you will see the iTunes logo appear and then finally a “Connect to iTunes” will be displayed, now is the time to release the Home button.
  • Once the logo appeared in iTunes, you can release the Home button and make a normal recovery

Step 4: Now open iTunes and do a normal reset by holding down the SHIFT key (for Windows users) or Alt key (for Mac users) and clicking restore in iTunes

Step 5: Now select the original 3.1.3 firmware and wait for the completion.

Voila! you downgraded from firmware iOS 4.0 to firmware 3.1.3 and you can follow the normal guides to jailbreak firmware 3.1.3

[Update 1]: We have published another guide which is tested and more advanced to downgrade iOS 4 to 3.1.3 quickly.

How To:  Downgrade iOS 4.0 to iOS 3.1.3 iPhone Firmware [Windows/Mac]

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  • Amrik Singh

    To downgrade a ipod touch 2g 3.1.3 you need to download the firmware of 3.1.2. So in Google type “3.1.3.ipsw file” Download the file and save it on your desktop. After, plug your ipod touch 2g into your computer and run Itunes. After, turn of your device and then once it is off hold the lock key and home key for 10 seconds and after this time release the lock key BUT HOLD THE HOME KEY until the ‘connect to itunes’ comes up. Then what you do is click on your ipod and hold ‘SHIFT’ and click on restore. From here locate the file downloaded and add on the end of the file ’’ (this is so apple verifys your file’ Then follow the steps and it will be done. NOTE : TAKE A BACK UP BEFORE FOLLOWING THE STEPS AND NOTE IT WILL DELETE MUSIC AND PICS AND MAYBE APPS. If you want to jail break it, use (just type it in safari on your ipod 2g)

  • Jesusm887

    how do u downgrade the ipod 2g to 3.1.3

  • Teeef17

    Hi Guys,
    Some help would be greatly appreciated, my GF recently brought an iPhone 3G off ebay, which was jailbroken (originally locked to O2) so she could use her orange contract in it.
    I knew very little of jailbreaking/unlocking etc at the time plugged it into her iTunes and told her to go ahead and update the software so it now has IOS4.1 on it and is no longer jailbroken.
    I need a solution that will allow me to put her orange sim back in it. I have tried downloading a standard .ipsw of 4.1 and have ‘cooked’ it through snowbreeze, but when i then try to restore through itunes it says the firmware isn’t compatible.
    As i say I have only really learnt the minimal amount i know since updating the OS, so don’t have any SHSH’s saved from before any updates, and I’m not even sure what OS it was running before it was updated.
    ANy help would be greatly appreciated as its kid of my fault she no longer as a new phone and fixing it would definitely earn me some brownie points!!
    Many Thanks

    • Helen Mawson

      Hi,i got an iphone 3gs of ebay, it wasnt jailbroken but was unlocked….when i tried to use it on vodaphone i found it was still locked to o2!..I got a PAYG O2 sim, put £20 on and made a few calls and texts then went onto there website. There is a form on there that you can fill in (its very quick and easy) and it will charge you £15 to UNLOCK your iphone..this means she will be able to use her orange sim in it THEN get on an Iphone forum and ask about the jailbreak…i did this last week and jailbroke mine very easily (it was running os4) Hope this helps..Helen

    • andrew

      download firmware from another site downgrade via itunes click restore whilst holding shift(windows) and select downloaded firmware… google it. same problem with my gfs iphone

  • Beatonrob

    does anybody know how to get the shsh files from the 3.0 ios???

  • Andre35822

    Its funny how Apple checks all the firmware versions except like 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, but all the ones like 3.0.2 or 3.1.3 or lower it checks. Im thinking maybe we should try downgrading it to 3.0 and then upgrading to 3.1.3 maybe that will work better since 3.1.3 is an updated version of the 3.0 firmware.

  • mikesurfer

    Sorry, I’m new to this, so I would appreciate your patience with my novice questions. I have an unlocked iPhone 3G that is running iOS 4.0 and the baseband was also upgraded to 05.13.04.

    I’d like to downgrade, but I wanted to verify that I’ll still be able to unlock it with the baseband being upgraded. My goal is to downgrade to iOS 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 and unlock it so I can use it on T-Mobile. Any guidance you can provide me would be greatly appreciated!

  • Jki149

    Ok guys i found something AWESOME! Instead of downgrading to 3.1.3 downgrade to 3.0. Just shift click and select 3.0 ipsw, and it doesnt check with apple. Now all you have to do is help me out and find a way to update to 3.1.3 from there

  • Rhenry_00

    Dont freak out if you get an error message after you restore. Go to and downloaded it for Windows or Mac (Whichever you have) Install it and let it load up and then it will find your Iphone and click on “KICK OUT OF RECOVERY MODE” then you are downgraded!

  • Rhenry_00

    Dont freak out if you get an error message after you restore. Go to and downloaded it for Windows or Mac (Whichever you have) Install it and let it load up and then it will find your Iphone and click on “KICK OUT OF RECOVERY MODE” then you are downgraded!

  • Steveparks1978

    Shift + Restore does not work. Anyone know why? All that happens is the “Install and Update” box appears. And clicking that promps iTunes to download and install 4.0.2

    • Bryancy

      i get the same thing! did you ever figure it out? i figure i’m doing something worng, not following a step right?

      • Jki149

        on a mac its alt and click

  • Santaclaus

    Thank you, thank you thank you….it finally worked!!! I was in a reboot/restore hell after ios 4.0.2. Apple, what are you doing????? I was thinking about android the last few days…

  • Hashi0

    You rock!! thnx alot for the info, i've tried to downgrade my iphone for a loong time and nothing was working till i came a cross your information. THNX alot mate!

  • Yindori

    I don't have my 3.1.3 software anymore…
    anyone knows how/where to get it ?

    • Lacrossekyle11


      • Lacrossekyle11

        Can Any1 help?? Just trying to jailbreak my ipod

        • Jki149

          google ipod touch firmware and click the first link. all firmware files for any idevice

  • Jarred

    Everything works except for step 5. I don't get any errors, but it doesn't get the authorization from apple and leaves a big fat error at the end. I tried both options, “ok” and “more”, but nothing works…

    • Jarred

      I followed all the steps EXACTLY, word for word.

  • Jeff


  • aaaf

    me too =/

  • Fatmandonoob

    how do i find the c:windowssystem32driversetc ?

  • Dustin-dusty1980

    Thank you so much! It worked!

  • Bobdylan

    I get an unknown error 3194 when trying to verify with apple during restore process. I have the hosts file edited, any ideas?

    • aaaf

      me too =/

  • Ashs

    so you open the file in word-pad.notepad. but when you save it, how do you save it as? notepad or word-pad? and what if it asks you to save it in Documents instead?

  • Princewason


  • Matthew Sheets

    i have a 3gs OLD BOOTROM that was never jailbroke on 3.1.3 how can i jailbreak my iphone on iOS 4

    • jose

      It looks like the answer is “wait for a different jailbreaking tool.” I am in the same boat with an iphone my son bought.

    • Millz

      You can use redsn0w 9.5b to jailbreak your iphone with os 4.0

  • Femi

    it doesnt work, itunes saids not compatible, y?

  • Help

    where do i “select” the 3.1.3 original firmware thingy?

    • Mi

      same probleme

      • Matt

        Wow. iPhone newbs. You have to download the firmware file first. If you don't know what you're doing, why do you have an iPhone?

  • Akshaygoswami93

    i don’t see anything after etc/ like idk where to add the

    • A Orenic

      open notepad as administrator

    • A Orenic

      and select all files

  • Confused

    When I put in at the end of the string in hosts, and then I save it, it says access denied…

    • Sykes Pedal

      Linux? Make sure to use Sudo in the command. If using Microsoft, make sure you are an admin (change file through admin account).

    • Mirsad0885

      run as administrator

  • Abc

    and edit the host file… ??? ok, whats this host file ? under /etc/ i have several files and how will find which is the host file u r talking about ? can you be more specific ?

    • Sykes Pedal

      Look under /etc/. There should be a “unreadable” file titled hosts. Open the file using Textedit.

  • Zach

    Thanks man! If anybody's getting errors it means that you either aren't in recovery mode or you don't have your shsh saved on Cydia. that means you're stuck on 4.0! Sorry!

  • Rajputarpan

    I am still having some troubles with this so if someone can post a vid that would be very helpful

  • Arthur

    thank you so much for this tutorial! i was trying to jailbreak my friends iPod and restored it to v4.0 by accident >> to helpmeguy yes this does work i just did it on an 8gb MC model – if the apple authentication has failed make sure you have edited the host file >on mac>
    open terminal
    type “sudo nano /private/etc/hosts”
    enter user password
    go down to the bottom of the file and copy/paste or type in “”
    hold ctrl (not command) and press O
    when you are back on the normal command prompt type in “dscacheutil -flushcache” to flush the DNS cache

    if you use windows you will have to wait for somebody elses help

  • Helpmeguy

    Does this work for MC models? I have 8GB MC model but keep getting error that restore failed due to error 3194 (Apple or Saurik authentication failed??)

  • Thaih98

    after editing, it does not allow me to save. What can I do?

    • Arthur

      see my post to helpmeguy if you are using a mac

    • eric

      i think you have to run it as an administrator… it said to me “contact an administrator to obtain permission to save”

  • Paulpope717

    where abouts does this go “”at end of what string

    • ms_ioane

      Ive got the same problem. Copied it at the end of the document it still wont allow me to save.

      • Sykes Pedal

        See above response to PaulPope717.

        • Vjoyner04

          i am the only account on this computer and it still keeps saying access denied

    • Sykes Pedal

      If you are using Windows (I am assuming you are) then look under: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc
      There should be a file titled “hosts”. Open this file with notepad and paste:
      at the bottom of the page (the format should be the same as the characters above).

      If you are using Mac, look under /etc/ and use Textedit to open the hosts file. follow the same steps as mentioned above.

      *Make sure you are running an admin account or you will not be granted access to save the changes you make*

  • Sebastien Peek

    You can use RecBoot to easily kick the device into recovery mode and out of.
    Saves having to do it manually.

    OS X and Windows:

  • Kahmaal

    ok, so everything seems to be working except im having trouble with finding the firmware when i hold shift and click restore.. mabye its because i dont understand step 2 that well, can someone explain it better?for some reason on my destop i have firmware 3.1.2 but obviously it wont work cuz mine came with 3.1.3 installed.. i accidently upgraded my jailbroken 64gb i touch 3rg gen to that new 4.0 firmware and noticed my jailbreak was gone.. its not too much a problem but if i have to ill wait till new jailbreak comes out.. its not like my i pod is bricked so im happy.

  • Kahmaal


  • Kahmaal15

    i accidently upgraded to 4.0 also, ok.. everything seems to work except the problem im having is i dont have the 3.1.3 firmware to downgrade to.. been trying to find it online but no luck after an hour till i rean into this page.. mabye im missing the point on step 2.. all i do is rename the file with the original name and put after it?

    Before: ipod touch 64gb 3g jailbroken with spirit

    • Dmand16

      type this in google (iPod1,2_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw, 242 MB) and scroll down to file mirrors most work but u have to wait 120 secs but its worth it

  • John Phan


    I am having problem downgrade my itouch 3G OS 4.0 to 3.1.2 & .3 with repeatedly error 3194. Please help me. This is my wife itouch that's i just bought it for her as a gift. But i accidently upgrade to OS 4.0. Now, i would like to go back to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3. I am using windows 7 x32/64bit. Itune version is
    I edited the etc file as above mention and still no luck…….

    Please help…

    • Jeffry


      To downgrade from iOS 4 firmware on the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G, you need the ECID SHSH certificate for firmware 3.1.3 and if you don't have shsh grabbed on server then you're out of luck.

      • akcarver

        When I jailbroke my iPhone, I saved the SHSH file to my Windows desktop, but it's not working. What should that file be named, and where should it be located? I really need better step by step directions, because it's not working for me.

    • Chrissy657

      on step 1 open file up in wordpad not notepad, also right click on the host file before opening and uncheck read only. then once file has been edited save it.

  • Marlon

    how do I get to the Cydia server? I tried downgrading it but unsuccessful… Please let me know what I am doing wrong… On a Mac, how do I get to the SHSH file for the Cydia server to add what you suggest?


    • Jeffry

      You can use thefirmwareumbrella to get the ECID SHSH certificate.

  • Peterlandis

    I try this and I keep on getting during the iTunes verify part a 3194 error. Why? Does this require the SHSH file to be on Cydia's server to do this? What if you don't have this is there any way to downgrade then?

    • Jeffry

      if you don't have shsh grabbed on server then you're out of luck.

  • Juicy

    how can you add the to the host file? Wont let me save a file to the system 32 folder, only lets me save to my documents. Also, the hosts file looks a bit ‘non techy’. Couldnt get past this step so gave up and trying my own way

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