Install Android 2.2 Froyo on iPhone 3G

by Antony on June 1, 2010

Android 2.2 OS has been ported to iPhone 3G successfully. The development team which is working on this project has already achieved excellent results and is able to run android 2.2 froyo with the ability to call and send SMS. Android 2.2 seems to work fine except for Wi-Fi and audio.

iphone 3g froyo android 2.2


  • OpeniBoot installed on your iPhone.
  • Download this archive and place it on the desk.
  • Phoneview or Cyberduck installed on your computer.
  • Packages afc2add or OpenSSH installed through Cydia.

Transferring files on the iPhone

  1. Open Phoneview or Cyberduck and position in the path / Private / var and transferred all the files in the archive you downloaded it;
  2. Now create a new folder in path / Private / var and name Firmware.
  3. Download this new archive and place the files inside the firmware folder.

Installation Openiboot:

  1. Download this file, unzip it and place it on your desktop.
  2. Put your device in recovery mode: turn off the device and connect to the computer while holding down the Home button until iTunes recognizes the device (alternatively you can use RecBoot, Much faster and easier to use).
  3. Launch Terminal and type the following commands in sequence:

    cd Desktop
    CD Installer
    sudo. / loadibec openiboot.img3
  4. Three symbols appear on the screen of the device: move to the second with the power button, and press the Home button on the top. Wait until it displays ‘Welcome to OpeniBoot‘.
  5. Move back to your Terminal and type this command: . / Oibc.
  6. Put the device in recovery mode but this time hold down Home and Power until you see the classic iTunes logo with the cable screen. Close iTunes on your Mac and move to the Terminal.
  7. From terminal, press Ctrl and C together.
  8. Re-enter by writing OpeniBoot sudo. / loadibec openiboot.img3. Without this, the three symbols appear again. This time, do not hit the Home button.
  9. On the terminal, while remaining in the Installer folder, type. / Oibc and do not press Enter.
  10. Navigate to OpeniBoot and click on Home, then on the terminal type the command . / Oibc. Wait till you see ‘Welcome to OpeniBoot‘, Type install Terminal and wait till your iPhone 3G reboots.

Voila! You have successfully installed android 2.2 Froyo on iPhone 3G

Via – idroid

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  • Giel_konink

    what do i wrong sudo. / loadibec openiboot.img3 isn’t work ..

  • ashu


  • ashu


  • Tonymenocal

    long live google, and LINUX

  • Mascatul

    Don’t try it won’t work on 3gs also on 3g you don’t have power management drivers so the battery is getting empty very fast (a few hours)

  • Peter

    What happens when you try doing this on a 3GS?

  • lololol

    you could also do this in ubuntu just sayin

  • lololol

    you could also do this in ubuntu just sayin

  • johnathon

    ive got android on my htc hd2 and now my phone is a 1000 times better lol was gunna do my mrs iphone but it says you can only make calls i can use everything on my hd2

  • Stuck caps

    Holy shit. This REALLY only works for Mac? I bricked my iPhone then.Thanks GadgetDNA(:

  • Risket

    Well…. that's ONE way to fix everything that's wrong with your iPhone….

  • Hi

    sudo client/loadibec openiboot.img3

    does nothing, and i followed this to the T

  • Rita

    Gay… this only works on Macs.

    At least Linux or Windows plz.

  • Android Game

    Oh this topic… This is not surprising at all. To think that the same team, purported, the hack

    on iPhone 3GS with Android eclair.

    (Edited by author 4 days ago)

    Nice to visit your site. Wish you post another good topic like this. I will wait to read it.

  • Robin

    If you type install after you type oibc, then openiboot will remain on your phone.

    • Robin

      What I mean by this, is the "install" command installs openiboot on your phone, not Android.

  • Tpan

    does it work with ipod touch 1 gen for testing?

  • Tpan

    does it work with ipod touch 1 gen for testing?

  • Anonymous

    lol,I have heared that Google will be the next Apple.This is funny!!More reasons to to get an iphone 4G is coming, I can’t wait to use it. How amazing when I saw this view of iphone 4G

  • Desmond Lim

    Android successfully ported to iphone. More reasons to to get an IPHONE :)

    • leniamonio

      This is not surprising at all.

      • iDroider

        There is no Android on 3GS yet…

  • Hector Ruiz

    when i going to be able to get the update, on my phone. i have the mytouch 3g from tmobile and i cant wait.

  • pierre

    Does it works with a 3GS version ??

    • Robert


      • pierre

        too bad :(

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