HTC Aria Rooted Successfully!

by Jeffry on June 23, 2010

HTC Aria android phone has been rooted successfully. Infamous HTC hacker Eugene373 has found way to give you root access on HTC Aria. Rooting HTC Aria Android phone provides full access to its system files allowing you to modify the phone’s firmware and install third party apps, themes and custom ROMs.  To achieve root access on HTC Aria, the hacker used the same method used for rooting MyTouch 3G Slide.

Root htc aria now

Steps to Root HTC Aria Android phone

Method 1:

Just flash the custom ROM: Liberated_Aria Beta (download from here). The ROM includes root, superuser.apk and strips AT&T applications & brings the ROM much closer to a generic HTC sense ROM.

Method 2:

Step 1: Create a GoldCard that byypasses the RUU/SPL CID check to root or downgrade.

Step 2: Download the root file here.

Step 3: Power off the device making sure it is plugged in via USB so that you can access ADB.

Step 4: Place the contents of the File you just downloaded into the SDK Directory.

Step 5: Open Command Prompt and CD to the SDK/Tools Directory.

Step 6: Power on the Slide by holding down. (Volume Down + Power Button )

Step 7: Now run your loop file from the prompt (either type “loop” in windows or “./” in a *nix like)

Step 8: Once your loop is running in your prompt, select Recovery from the bootloader menu.

Step 9: When recovery loads, you should Have an Offline Device. You can use ctrl+c to stop your script & see. If this doesn’t happen, Power Off and try again.

Step 10: Un-plug your USB cable from the back of your phone & Plug it back in for it to Detect ADB Correctly!!! This is an important step. At this point you can adb devices to see if you can see your device and that it is in recovery mode.

Step 11: Select from the menu. (This will fail, but we already know that! Select it anyway).

Step 12:
adb push /sdcard/
(*nixlike users add a ./ in front of all terminal commands please.)

Step 13: adb push /sdcard

Step 14: This is Very important!! Have this Command ready in your prompt before applying again!!

adb push /sdcard

Step 15: Hit run, as soon as you see a Little Bar appear under the text push Enter to execute the command in your prompt (adb push /sdcard )

Step 16: If successful, you should see Clockwork Recovery. If unsuccessful, repeat steps 12 & 13.

Step 17: Now, go to the Partitions menu and Mount System

Step 18: Go back one level & select install any zip from sdcard. Select & apply update from zip (This will finish the Root process).

Step 19: Reboot your phone & wait for it to load completely. To confirm that your slide is connected as a device use the command adb devices. If this works, you will see it as a device. Your prompt will say something like:

$ ./adb devices
List of devices attached
HT05YUP12710 device

Step 20:
adb install Superuser.apk
(If this looks like it works, but says it cannot locate directories, make sure you can find your device using adb devices… If things still don’t work, my best advice is to start over)

Step 21: After Superuser is installed try to use adb to shell to your device.

adb shell

you will get a $
Then type su
Superuser should pop-up asking if you give permission, do so.

Your $ should turn into a #. If so, you have root. 

Via – xda-devs, androidspin

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  • Christopher Phalan

     Call HTC Support and ask for the BootStrap.. duhhhh……

  • Vettel

    Rooting HTC Aria Android phone provides full access to its system files allowing you to modify the phone’s firmware and install third party apps, themes and custom ROMs.

  • Shahn

    how do you download third party apps? i cant figure it out

  • Drunkb4tm4n

    how do u find your own apps to down load

  • Fillmanw

    Help, recovery has been lost from my phone. The rooting app from unrevoked failed. leaving the phone unuseable. It will boot up, but no phone. the boot loader screen will load but the recovery program is gone. How can it be fixed. I have tried to run the origional ship rom downloaded from HTC but it will not work. . I hate to trash this phone, any sugestipons?

  • oldman

    Installing development and third party apps – EASY!
    I returned my Backflip and got an Aria (nothing wrong with the Backflip except my pinky kept pressing the camera btn).

    Anyway – after reading tons of posts about installing non-market app's on the new product, I was a bit concerned. So, I turned on the debug mode on the Aria, plugged in the Aria to my imac, booted up MotoDev (that's the Motorola front-end for Eclipse) and, voula! The Aria was listed in the attached devices. I installed my own apps. Real easy.

    • Drunkb4tm4n

      how do u find your own apps to down load

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