Root Motorola DROID on Android 2.1 Platform Easily

by Jeffry on April 2, 2010

DROID 2.1 Update has been rooted successfully. Speeddymon over on has found way to modify the used to update your DROID to Androd 2.1 and give you root access in the process.


Rooting Android phone provides full access to its system files allowing you to modify the phone’s firmware and install third party apps, themes and custom ROMs. Once DROID 2.1 is rooted, you can even tether your android phone to your computer to share internet access.

How to Root DROID 2.1 Update

  1. As with the original Droid root exploit, download the 2.1 from here.
  2. Download the attached .zip file from here, and name it
  3. Open command prompt and run the following command to combine them:
  4. copy /b
  5. Then copy the to your SDCard, reboot to STOCK recovery (do not use this on a rooted phone, things may break and you may need to end up using an SBF)
  6. In recovery, press Volume + and Camera then use the D-pad to select Apply
  7. Voila, DROID 2.1 has been rooted successfully.

Note: This does NOT update the recovery image to 2.1’s recovery.


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  • droid1983

    all the links are dead. you suck.

    • john

      The. Links are dead, please update.

  • droid1983

    all the links are dead. you suck.

  • diz nuts

    guess 2nd file is nowhere to be found….thanks for nothing

  • Redeemer

    did everything instructed, and accomplished nothing. not rooted, no superuser, nothing….sweet huh??

  • chayotux

    please I need the files for rooting

  • disappointedMOFO

    i have been to a dozen sites and ALL of them have bogus link to the second zip for download. IMHO that blows

    • marc

      Ping me, I have the files, need some help rooting

      • chayotux

        please I need the files for rooting

      • Brett

        hey Marc my name is Brett, i am guessing just like everyone else who is trying to get these zip files to root there droid, it wont let me download the files if you could help me hout here id really appreciate it thank you

  • marc

    Pulled the two files the other day and merged them. I am getting a signature error and the update aborts. any thoughts?

  • Zhamma

    The second item has a broken link. Please can you re-link for us? Thanks.Edison

  • Leo

    May want to re-link the second download. AllDroid launched a new site and the link is now broke.

  • Melissa

    Do we need to revert BACK to 2.0.1 or can we go directly from 2.1 (OTA update)?I have never rooted/hacked my droid and am very nervous on doing this. But I want to be able to tether the wi-fi! Any info would be great. Thank you!!Melissa

  • simpletime

    I ran all the install said it went smoothly but i still have no root access.

    • LD

      Use your browser on your droid to go to the website with link for download and download dmupdater apk directly to your sd card. Download astro file manager so you can move dmupdater to the root of your sd card. You need eoe app installer from market place to install dmupdater apk. After you complete the dmupdater installation your phone should be rooted. Also you should download rom manager from market place so you can have access to different roms and themes.

  • Ted Pavlic

    Does this page imply that you must be running 2.0.1 first? If you already have 2.1 OTA, then are you stuck at 2.1 (unless you have a Windows machine available and can do SPRecovery)?

  • Seth Levy

    Not looking to beat a dead horse, but I am having the same EOCD problem on 2.1. I tried using a different recovery (SPRECOVERY) just to see what would happen and I got:Assert failed: apply_patch_check("MTD:boot:2502656:e79414e1774b152c9c3eca09f1be0c6b1b24e889:2504704:0b5ee101da41148aa026a32848f609fa4b05403e")E:Error in /sdcard/ 7)Installation aborted.

  • wncoulte

    I have the same concern as Simdroid: i've been currently running firmware 2.1, update 1 ever since version sent out system updates a few days ago. So are the above instructions something that will work for me?

  • Jarrett

    Hey can i do this on my mac because wont the command prompt stuff be different

  • SimDroid

    I am currently running Android 2.1/ Update 1. My understanding is that to get rooted 2.1, I need to manually reinstall stock 2.01 then update with the modified 2.1 file which I have created as you describe above. If I sequentially install these two files will my phone's files or programs be lost? If program/ data loss is possible, what method do you recommend as the easiest back up? I am a rooting newbie. Thanks for your patience

  • SimDroid

    I managed to create the modified file, and moved it to the SD card. When I rebooted and chose install update from SD card I got the message – "EOCD marker found", the "update aborted". Any ideas or suggestions ??…

    • bvagis

      I have the same problem. Does anyone know if there is a solution? Is the file corrupted?

  • SimDroid

    I followed the steps as best I could. Once the path was right, I got no errors, but no new file either. Why doesn't someone create the new file and post it here to spare the rest of us the grief of creating this file. You could even name it something like then have us rename it

  • Walter

    If you lost the root when you did the OTA then your phone is not rooted.. but… on your second question.. once you hold power button+x and it powers on.. then you do the vol+cam then it takes you to the STOCK recovery.. you can reboot the phone, update from sd card, data reset and clear cache… i just power my phone up and for some reason it finally let me download google earth… i did the manual update… 2.1 update 1….
    i don’t know too much about this stuff but i’m working on it..

  • confused

    >> do not use this on a rooted phone, things may break and you may need to end up using an SBFWhat does this mean? If I had a rooted phone, I wouldn't be reading this page. My phone was rooted at 2.0 but I lost root when I got the OTA update to 2.1. So do I have a "rooted phone" or not? Can I use this?How do I "reboot to STOCK recovery"? (I don't see that option after vol + and camera.)

    • dc

      you cannot add rooted 2.1 to rooted 2.0.1 or to rooted 2.0. you have to unroot, then update to 2.0.1. Then you can update to rooted 2.1.

    • khgvdc

      i've trying to get this one figured out too. no one willing to give a real answer – just SA remarks. how about a little help

  • Walt

    for some reason the command prompt is saying that it can't find the files and i renamed the stupid file so idk… has anybody had problems with it yet?

    • chris


    • fairoasis

      Having the same problem here. Cmd prompt isn't finding files. HELP!!!

    • fairoasis

      Having the same problem here. CP does not find files. Any solutions yet?

    • Waltermeister

      The reason why most of you have problems with the command prompt and not being able to find the files is because you are probably on the wrong directory. If you save your files on the desktop, you need to change directory to your desktop. The easiest way is to save both files on your C drive and once you open the command prompt, type in "cd C:" without the quotation marks. This should take you to the C drive. Continue from there. It should work. And if you still can't do it, then maybe you shouldn't even be trying this at all.

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