Crash Reporter: Identify Crash Problems in iPhone

by Chris on December 4, 2009

Crash Reporter, a new app in Cydia has been released for jailbroken iPhone users. If you are experiencing crash problem due to overload of applications or bug in an iPhone app, Crash Reporter lets you identify the root cause of the crash and also allow you to send the crash log to the developer. Once the application Crash Reporter is launched, it will provide you with a list of possible application/extension that might cause the recent crash. You can select an app and analyze the log and send the crash log to the developer.

How to use Crash Reporter

Step #1 Download and install Crash Reporter. You can find Crash Reporter in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.

Step #2 Whenever you suspect a crash, just launch Crash Reporter. This screen contains all recently crashed applications.

Crash Reporter 1

Step #3 Tap on a cell to see logs of the application. The crash logs are sorted by date. Tap on one of them to analyze the crash log. You can also delete processed crash logs via this screen.

Crash Reporter 2

Step #4 In the suspects view, you can view the symbolicated crash log, and the syslog during crash. Crash Reporter would analyze the crash log and identify the possible libraries that causes the crash.

Crash Reporter 3

They are divided into 3 types:

  • Primary suspect is the first library in the stack trace of the crashing thread.
  • Secondary suspects are libraries involved in the crashing thread.
  • Tertiary suspects are those involved in the application at that time, but were not running in the crashing thread.

Crash Reporter 4

Just generate a crash report to send to its developer. By default, the first link will send you to AppStore or Cydia, where you can paste to the report or mail to the developer.

Crash Reporter 5

As soon as you tap on the link, the crash log and syslog will be uploaded to as an attachment so that the developer can use it later to debug the iPhone application.

Crash Reporter 6

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  • Yram89

    Hi, im new here
    My problem is when i launch crash reporter
    Things like this showed up
    Mostly under mobile is application from apple store.

    And nothing in root area.

    So when i open 1 of application from apple store in crashed reporte ex:
    Giggle bellies 3

    Is this mean thatgiigle bellies application has problem?
    Now if i will report this to the app store, is this wil beco e valid reason?

    Will they know that im using cydia or crash reporter from cydia?
    Is it ellegal that im using application cydia?
    Please i need help before i go report the bugs on my phone in mostly app store!! :(:(

  • Edwin Ixcoy

    My ipod touch 4g keeps crashing everytime i install a new cydia tweeak or app.
    Goes into safe made and then i restart and it starts normally again.
    My crash reporter doesnt tell me anything. Help please.

  • iM7MMD

    Where can I get syslged?
    And what his job in the program?
    Thank you

    • Kuhfjkg

      on cydia by cydia free

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