Install Cydia app without iPhone Jailbreak

by Jeffry on May 1, 2010

The team at “DarkApples” is working on a method that could allow the installation of Cydia applications without jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. According to them, there seems a way to install the deb packages in Cydia and PAH (cracked applications) on non-jailbroken iDevices. The team says they have managed to install Cydia programs on the factory restored iPhone without pwning or jailbreaking.


iRev, on behalf of DarkApples Hacking Team explains some important things:

There are two problems that we are trying to resolve, the first is that most applications rely on Cydia MobileSubstrate, as it is conceived that must now be placed in / Library (which is obviously impossible if you’re not jailbroken), the other is that as it is conceived at this time makes it possible to actually install any IPA without even cracking.

You want to close this door. At this moment there is no real program, but a bunch of tools for OSX executable that are launched from the terminal. Obviously before publication we will also arrange the side “aesthetic” of the thing.

Once the Cydia app is”processed”, simple drag it into iTunes and Sync the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, to find the App properly installed and working.

(For the curios, the hack is on the verification of intermediate WWDR certified signatures involved in the JPA).

How to run the IPA on non-jailbroken iPhone is still not clear. It seems that the method to install Cydia applications on non-jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad should be released soon. Any thoughts? Please share!

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  • PurpleKetchupMonsta!

    Wow. I read this on 2013 thinking its gonna come out soon, but then I realized it came out 3 years ago! And people commenting Hoping it’ll come out soon, it’s been 3 years, I don’t think it’s coming out ANY time soon…

    • jb

      but how do u install it.

  • http://www.gadgetsdna roshan

    this app is so wonderful

  • ali flower

    if they made cydia a 10$ itunes app, id buy it! its retarded that apple makes all this cool stuff and then locks you out of it! its like they want us to just keep buying there devices when the break and dont give the warrenty because THEY WANT THE MONEY, and i think that fhucking stupid. they should just let us get the god drmn thing without all the hassle, i mean, apple is a major brand so they should give us what we want, RIGHT?!

    • dude

      omg I so agree!!!!!!!!

  • Jtestings

    i wish i didnt have to jailbreak 2 get cydia

  • Eobadu

    why i cant installe cyndia on my iphone? please help.

  • Just a Random

    I don’t understand why apple doesn’t just come out with an iPhone and an iPod that has the capabilities to change themes, keyboards, and all the things you can get from Cydia. If it’s not illegal why don’t they just come out with it. The only part illegal would be installous, so they just shouldn’t add that. They could get a flash player too. If they do that the iPhones and iPods sales would rise so much.

  • Billy

    Apple did put out a discaimer

  • Alex1115

    I just got a new iPod touch 4G and I don’t want to jailbreak it because I will loose my waranty, which I know I can get back by restoring it and starting it as a new iPod But, i got it as a GAMING DEVICE!!! AKA dont want to loose my angry birds save data!!! I also wanted to get N64, NES, PSX emulators!!! Now I can have my waranty and play games from 1994!!!

    anybody know when dis is commin out?
    hopfully 4 ios 4

    • bigmattstudd

      go on a website called emu4ios and you can get all of your favorite jailbreaking apps for free

  • logan

    jailbreak means root access. cydia is debian based. when is the last time you could apt-get install without root access? when it was invented. therefore, even with all this crap, it would still be jailbreaking.

  • sevetar

    can’t wait for the release of this, have cydia on my iphone but would prefer to keep the ipad all official like

  • sumdudewhosbettar

    i am wit you 100% Brycepapy!

  • Brycepapy

    Thats what im talkin bout! I bought the fcukin thang and ill put whatever i desire on it…

  • Mahesh

    Sounds interesting..

  • yomama

    obedient? i answer to no one, and apple is not an authority over me or anyone else. apple can kiss my arse, and stop trying to control me and what i do with MY device.

  • Maxlwin536

    Lol cydia without jailbreaking, that's a shame. If you could PUSH the app cydia on iPhone, hell why even go thru “jailbreaking” iPhone or iPad? Seriously, the guys making the jailbreak and people perfecting the cydia app would've came up with the idea long time ago so they can push the cydia app without jailbreaking. They should drop the project and the people waiting should wait. There are things that cydia sells that are illegal anyhow, why make it so that apple stops everything they have for iPod touch or iPhone or iPad? Seriously I think everyone should be obedient and stop jailbreaking. If apple put out a disclaimer, that's different. And I don't think they put out a disclaimer…….

    • yomama

      obedient? i answer to no one, and apple is not an authority over me or anyone else. apple can kiss my arse, and stop trying to control me and what i do with MY device.

    • Jdellanos

      Apple should not be telling me what and what not to put on my Ipod. They just want to have the monopoly of the apps and whatever elso the ipod can do. If “I” choose to install something that will make my Ipod more fucional, it’s my business, not Apple’s or Yours.

    • Juderter

      I made a purchase with apple…I am free to do what I want and how I want with my iPod…sure apple may recommend not to jailbreak but legally I don’t have to listen to them…I’m not renting the iPod or the apps for that matter…if I purchase, I am willing to use whatever I bought how I please…case in point…if u bought a bike and the company said u can’t go over 10 mph…would u listen? I don’t think anyone will…for a bike is meant to be a source for transportation and enjoyment…well ur iPod is meant for enjoyment as well…and I’m not enjoying the fact that they pull legal matters on what we do…like I said…I made a purchase so I’m free to do whatever I want…hell I can destroy my iPod if I wish to do so…and not be held by legal measures…

      • Y Dooms

        I completely agree.

      • BrianOMatic

        Hey, just curious…. Have you ever read an EULA?
        It clearly states that the hardware you have purchased is property of apple. Furthermore if they see it proper to revoke said hardware they legally hold the right to do so without reimbursement for any “monies” paid to retailer on their behalf.

    • Y Dooms

      Didn’t apple go to “war” with Cydia and the jailbreaking people? Like to court and everything? I thought Cydia won. It’s illegal to commit piracy, it’s not illegal to use your payed for device. You have the right to do anything you want to your device, but committing piracy will get you thrown in jail. If you are strange enough to go through with this, then it’s your funeral. Leave the people alone and let them go to jail. They will pay for their crimes… And deserve it.

  • newmediaranger

    Tx 4 the tip. Works perfectly.

  • veemal

    hi i have installed the jailbreak software but can't find Cydia …can anyony help

  • veemal

    hi i have installed the jailbreak software but can't find Cydia …can anyony help

    • Joe

      From your iphone, open Safari and open Now slide you finger on the site and that is all. This is the easiest way to jailbreak. This process will install Cydia.

  • Brian

    Have you tried other DPKG's besides "Cydia", like RockApp?

  • Davit

    Would be COOOOOL!!!!

  • Magician Software

    Wow!!!They hit the jackpot on this one!! can't wait!

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