iPad 2 Jailbroken inside Best Buy Store using MyWi – [VIDEO]

by Jeffry on July 7, 2011

We are all acquainted that JailbreakMe.com is blocked across all Apple stores and retail outlets. The only way you can jailbreak any device inside store is to connect to your carrier network’s internet using your device hotspot capability. That what Will did! He walked into a local BestBuy store and quickly jailbroken a demo iPad 2 by connecting with iPhone’s hotspot (using MyWi). Check out the video after the break!

iPad2 Jailbreak Best Buy

Even last year some pranksters hacked iPhones and iPads inside Apple Stores just by visiting Jailbreakme.com in mobile Safari. It’s that easy. Earlier today, one more user walked out of the store freely after jailbreaking iPad 2. If you have noticed jailbroken iPad2 inside any Apple store, do share the pictures or videos with us.

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  • Qawas

    I can see lots of articles about IPad Jailbreak … but nothing about Unlock !!
    My question is dose Ipad 2 + 3G  for AT&T is comming always Unlocked for any GSM network like T mobile or others ??

  • http://www.makemoneyinlife.com James W

    great info and video, thanks for sharing

  • oQQ

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    I am getting it now!

  • Mademan12321

    This website sucks. When the hell do you guys plan to update any news. 

    • Pieter Kegel

      Follow their twitter if you need updates so bad…

      • Mademan12321

        I hate twitter and I came here for news like they used, to not to follow someone. 

  • Pieter Kegel

    I believe this is a procedure that stores should follow before even thinking about selling an iDevice, saves people lot’s of time!

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