PS3 3.56 hacked & Jailbroken in less than 24 Hrs, Sony Perplexed!

by Jeffry on January 29, 2011

PlayStation 3 3.56 has been cracked and jailbroken in less than a day by infamous Wii hacker Youness Alaoui (aka KaKaRoToKS).  The 3.56 signing keys are already out so don’t get surprised if you get an updated custom firmware in a day or so that spoofs 3.56 and re-enables PSN access.

Earlier, Sony sued Geohot, Fail0ver and many other researchers for jailbreaking into PlayStation 3 security code. And when Sony was granted TRO against Geohot, the entire PS3 community was in dismay. Soon after, Sony pushed an important system update 3.56 into PS3 in order to block homebrew and piracy and to keep hackers off PlayStation Network.

System software 3.56 is a “minor update that adds a security patch” and introduces a new encryption key which kills all existing homebrew functionality. If you have PS3 homebrew or have jailbroken your PS3 3.55 console, it is highly recommended that you do not update your PS3 console to firmware 3.56 at all. If you upgrade to 3.56, there’s no easy way back down.

We will update you when more information on PS3 jailbreak 3.56 comes in. Do not forget to follow us on twitter or join our facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on PS3 Jailbreak news. Via KaKaRoToKS

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      there is no 3.56 jail break…..all these are fake

  • Anonymous

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  • Miaka


  • GavGadgetsdna

    Woah. I see that site below has updated. Is it real PS3 Jailbreak 3.60 ?

  • David

    so what password are people using?

    • Rabbits9921

      theres a few passwords google it youll find them on a certain forum i aint linking it here

      • Montana

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  • Gary Donnely

    if you want a link that bad then how about ??

    • Daveevans1002


    • Simpsons

      no itried it thers a password n then when you go to download it it says error in the winrar thing

    • Albi Nonington

      Works for me what password did you get? Im wondering if it always uses same password if it isnt uniquie like it says i’ll post it here

    • Harza

      nice, im back online with black ops :)

    • Rabidrabits

      oh man ur gonna get sum hate for that the scene is trying to keep those keys from public until 3.60 comes out!!!

  • Esspee131

    where the hell is it man ¬¬

  • Anthonygearing

    also all the 3.56cfw links are fake

  • Anthonygearing

    its isnt jail broken they just managed to hack into it and found a random key gen code. so now they are looking at a way past that

  • jacky52

    whr is tht cute little file for jailbreak ha
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  • M3NT4LN00B

    if it was hacked within 24 hours where the god damn jailbreak for 3.56???

  • christian

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  • hawk22

    it would be SO NICE if someone could like post a link. thanks.

    • Billyolak

      i am i cracked it people welcome to 3.56 custom firmware

  • Josh

    ive updated to version 3.56, how do i jailbreak this now?

  • Sooper-dude

    just put the link somewhere

  • NYPD_MrUnknowN

    So the jailbreak done ?

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