Motorola Droid X Vs iPhone 4 Vs HTC Droid Incredible Vs EVO 4G Vs Nexus One

by Brian on June 24, 2010

Recently, Droid IncredibleiPhone 4Nokia N8Nexus One and EVO 4G were launched and we have already seen HTC EVO 4G running into multiple issuesDroid Incredible to soon phase out of Verizon and many more. If you are looking for some more alternatives, then you may go with Droid X. Droid X may size up against all smartphones which was released yesterday which is galloping on 1GHz OMAP processor. Complete specification list for Droid X is available here. Below is a chart comparing DROID X with other powerful smartphones.


The comparison between the said devices are carried out on Network, operating system, screen sizes, processors, memory, storage, data speed, MicroSD, rear camera, video recording, front camera, second mic, Adobe Flash support, Bluetooth, WiFi, MiFI-like hotspot, GPS, FM radio, TV-out, size, weight, battery, price, and SIM card support are all covered.

Some noticeable differences are – large screen of the Droid X compared to others and is running on 1GHz TI OMAP 3630 processor. While Droid Incredible, EVO and Nexus One shares 1GHz snapdragon processor. The RAM for the Droid X is 512MB having 8GB of internal memory storage and carries 16GB SD card with upto 32GB expansion slot. The droid x android phone can record video at 720p, while Droid Incredible and Nexus One records at 800 x 480 pixels, and EVO 4G at 1280 x 720 pixels. It is important to note that Only Apple’s new device iPhone 4 is supporting 802.11n WiFi. In addition to it, it contains HDMI TV out, while in other smartphone, it is missing. Taking these technical characteristics of the Droid X, what do you think of this comparison? Please share your opinions!

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Via – androidcentral

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  • Bob Crartas

    sry for spamming
    my comp. is a little slow

  • Bob Crartas

    we dont even need this article
    its just plain old cr*p

  • Bob Crartas

    we dont even need this article
    its just plain old cr*p

  • Bob Crartas

    we dont even need this article
    its just plain old cr*p

  • Anonymous

    New user to the android OS and I love the speed with my DX. Much faster than my storm! I had a heck of a time getting my phone since i’m stationed in Alaska. You know the whole ship to family in the lower 48, activate then ship to me! It was well worth the wait, I love droid x in terms of apps, widgets, security, everything else you can imagine.

    • FiltTurt

      Droidx looks tempting now but my contract isn’t up till end of next year. Maybe IPhone 5 and next gen Motorola Droid will be available on Verizon by then.

      One thing I am keeping my fingers crossed for is that Blackberry will have their next gen phones running QNX sooner than later. I think the first QNX BB phone could be the next big leap in Smartphones. Basing this on the awesome BB Playbook tablet – just a matter of porting their stuff to the smaller screen. They just purchased an amazing UI company.

      Then again who knows what the next ios has in store for us. Fun times we live in.

  • Rd2922

    WOW well in my opinioin only the droid incredible and, the iphone 4 and nexus one should be considered in this. The droid X and EVO are so freaking huge that its ridiculous. What happened to sneaking your phone out of your pocket in the back of class and texting. Its impossible with those two because of their ridiculous size. its hard to look sleek when your almost the size of a dvd case. of couse the droid x has more battery. obviously there is more space. and the evo can fit all of its crap in there because it is also big. When the evo can fit all of its junk in a phone like the incredible then i would buy it.

    • BIGBAM

      I have a evo but I don’t agree because i tried the iphone 4, droid x, and the evo. The iphone 4 only has a good screen, ill rather have the iphone 3g. The evo is good but i not as good as i thought it will be. But the droid x was the best of them all. Yes it is big, but that is the best part and yes i do sneak the evo out of my pocket in class. Like i said the droid x had the best everything. So me and everyone that i showed the difference think that the droid x was the best.

  • Rd2922

    WOW well in my opinioin only the droid incredible and, the iphone 4 and nexus one should be considered in this. The droid X and EVO are so freaking huge that its ridiculous. What happened to sneaking your phone out of your pocket in the back of class and texting. Its impossible with those two because of their ridiculous size. its hard to look sleek when your almost the size of a dvd case. of couse the droid x has more battery. obviously there is more space. and the evo can fit all of its crap in there because it is also big. When the evo can fit all of its junk in a phone like the incredible then i would buy it.


    does someone out there know the max speed usable on the EVO as far as the micro sd is concerned? can you install a class 4 or class 6 card n the droid evo?

  • Baz

    the droid's processor is the ti omap 3640

  • Greg J.

    who knows how 1Ghz Texas Instruments processor compares to 1Ghz snapdragon?

    • Ipodstou

      TI OMAP is way faster. A 1Ghz snapdragon processor isn't even a true 1Ghz. It is a lot slower than the Texas Instruments OMAP processor which is almost twice as fast.

    • leniamonio

      You know the real winner is? The consumers!

  • Chapellw

    These phones are great but the one thing that most people miss, it that is a phone first. Clearly the fact that I can do all things that the other phones can plus make calls where the others cannot. I work in a hospital and the Droid X (Verizon Service) will make calls from the basement. Every other phone on this list and more, (hospital staff has them all) will not give you the phone service you need! Also, don't forget google is new to the game but they will eventually overshadow all others.

    • Nomar

      Droid X, if people look, has the highest battery output, 1570 mAh.

    • jms

      There is a very good chance that your hospital has a user agreement with Verizon and has placed repeaters thru the building. This is very common in larger structures especially hospitals. As a hospital IT Admin I have had to work on these deals in the past. All of my area facilities have these.

  • jjwalters33

    Quick question, everything I've read said the Incredible is also getting the Froyo push plus a flash up for the wireless n. Has anyone heard differently?

    • Jason

      It definitely is getting both. HTC verified a while ago that the Incredible was getting 2.2. Wireless N for the Incredible just got the okay from the FCC. In fact, all the Android phones listed will be N-capable with their upgrades to Froyo.

    • Kingkrabs

      yea i heard incredible and moto droid were both gonna get froyo and the adobe flash 10.1 thing

  • Kaushik

    I think DROID X is trying to put features just for the sake of it. They are not talking about anything new. They just want to have a higher spec compared to iphone. People moved from other carriers to AT&t just for iphone but you will hardly hear that people moved to verizon for DROD X. DROID X can to some extent hold existing but can't attract new.

    • Jason

      The same could be said about any phone, including the iPhone.

    • Podpalacz

      boo hoo… :)))

    • rj


      i moved to at&t for iphone and now that contract is up (hallelujah) i'm moving to verizon for droid x.

      • Prudenciow

        I'm moving to Verizon from Tmobile even tho my plan will be $35 extra more per month, at least I will get faster speeds, reliability and sickest super phone.

      • Tomrioux16

        AMEN! I love my iphone, It is one of the greatest inventions ever. BUT ATT blew it!!! And I blame Apple for that. Stupid decision on apples part, in the age of social networking, to lock their technology and phone service up. They better hope they have another trick up their sleeve because the IPAD wasn't it and GOOGLE has opened up a portal of kick ass!

    • Trina Garcia

      AT&T has been signal every where you go especially on military installations. Verizon has the best signal out all the cell phones companies and have the best warranties for you r phones as well.

      • Rafa

        Yes, but how does Verizon stacks-up outside the U.S.? I use AT&T and had NO problems, so far, in the U.S. or in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Jamaica, …

        • Xaviar97

          Verizon doesnt have their own services outside North America. They do however offer a selection of phones that have global roaming capabilities. My wife is from the Philippines and visits there regularly. She uses a smart phone that works just as well there as it does here. There is a by the minute fee added if she makes a phone call from there but can receive calls at no additional cost. Also, the phones come preloaded with skype and can be used for internet calls from her phone to mine for a very small fee.

    • Darklightning7

      I-Phone attracted people because it was first, it was the new game in town.
      Now however, people who didn't already know found out that AT&T service is 1 step above a joke in “most” places, they are going back to their respective companies. I read an article about “smartphone activations” regarding the the “big 3″ in cell phones, and Verizon and Sprint are generating more customers than AT&T, and that's because Android. While not as polished, is now a legitimate threat to the IPhone. I drive a truck across the country and Canada and I can say, I was JEALOUS of AT&T customers when IPhones came out, but I know AT&T way too well and I refused to switch from VZ, because my service would have suffered severly and it would not have been worth it. Same with Sprint, I will put VZ against any company when it comes to overall cell service and call quality, and while I know first hand where several dead spots are for VZ, dollar for dollar, across the country, I don't have to worry about service. However depending on where you live, and where you travel, you have equally good and better options, I live in MI, Tmobile is probably the worst carrier here, but out west Tmobile “rules the air” in A LOT of places…all depends on your local.
      …what was I saying?… Oh, yeah…Luckily for me having patience, being envious of Iphones is a thing of the past…VZ, Google, Android…I won't lose ;)

    • Xaviar97

      Are you serious? “to some extent hold existing” Verizon already has the largest network available. Now with its lineup of smart phones its only a matter of time before people start switching back. I myself switched to AT&T because of their better selection of phones. But after a short period of time (maybe two months) I switched back to verizon simply because of its better coverage. Now with the new phones I am a very excided Droid X user. Goodbye AT&T, never again.

  • Jeffisthebeast

    man idk what everyone is talking about droid x and iphone being the “clear” leaders when the htc evo is WAY better than the phone. the driod x and the evo are good competitors, but evo still comes out at top for sure

    • Jmdob2006

      holdon isn't droid X and Evo made my htc how the hell one is better then the other ? it was the 2 weeks ago when everyone was talkin bout how better the evo was now the X is that mush better? i still away from HTC if i was U they don't hold their value..

      • Jason

        No. The Droid X is made by Motorola.

    • Ipodstou

      Droid X is better than the Evo. It has better screen resolution, a bigger battery, its thinner, it supports multi touch typing on its keyboard it has a TI OMAP 1Ghz processer that is almost twice as fast as the Evos snapdragon processer and its on Verizon which has almost twice as much reception as sprint. Who cares about the front facing camera that is only 1.3 megapixels and the 4G that you can only get in a couple of places.

    • CT

      The HTC Incredible beats the shit out of the Evo because Sprint is awful.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, the HTC EVO has kept meeting all of my expectations. Everything (except BT Voice dial) is there and it all works well and very fast. I have stated previously that even the 3G speed is DSL like on the Sprint network in my house. It was only during a storm that I turned on my WiFi otherwise it is fast. Once 4G is here the other guys better watch out besides would you really want to compete against the alliance.
      Google, Intel, Comcast, Time Warner & Sprint (plus at lease 1 other multi-billion $ company).

  • Lookin4NewPhone

    You are right… I guess I should have stated that Droid X and Iphone 4 are clearly the leaders IN MY OPINION. Droid x does support 5 devices, but I will not use the MIFI option.

  • Rdillz

    Droid X records at 30 FPS. Its been reported everywhere so how come you end up with a ? on your chart? Ridiculous!

    • Dsdj

      its also being reported at 24 fps

      • Smosh

        Its 30 FPS.

        • Rdillz


      • Rdillz

        thats bullshit!

  • The Admiral

    The Evo wins hands down because it is the only phone that carries a 4G radio. Granted 4G may be limited today but it will cover 120 Million POPS by Sept. or Oct. 2010. By that time Google's Android upgrade, Froyo, will be available.

    The screen size and removable battery also make a big difference. The size negates the need for me to carry around any tablet, laptop or network computer for most of my needs and the ability to change batteries allows me to use the device as a workhorse.

    • Derp

      WiMax is dead once LTE is deployed in a couple years.

  • Spam

    Incredible is N capable just like the EVO and as already posted it comes with a 2GB microSD. Plus the biggest flaw of the whole comparison is that Nexus One already is running Froyo 2.2. So any of the spots you have “Coming with Froyo” should be changed to “YES”. Plus you should also mention the removable battery because that is and important difference.

  • Pyrilampes

    You missed the N-capable of the EVO phone, The important Mifi feature available only on the EVO, The EVO has hdmi out as well, Its almost like you are writing for the Droid X as the only Iphone competitor when it looks like the Iphone Evo and Droid X are running the top three with Droid X slightly behind due to the wireless capabilities resolution and HDMI out.

    • Ipodstou

      Droid X has HDMI out and its resolution is higher than the EVO

  • Lastofthezeds

    I really am struggling here deciding between the two. On one hand I love my MacBook Pro and I am sure that Apple makes the iPhone the same, with features that make you enjoy your experience. However, my dad has the Droid (first one) and he loves it. It is intuitive, sharp and the GPS is simply awesome. I really will need to try out both of the devices to figure out which one will keep me happy for two years. Also AT&T vs Verizon is getting a lot harder to decide with these two devices.

  • Lookin4NewPhone

    Motorola Droid X and Apple Iphone 4 are clearly the leaders. Apple is a bit more refined but I love the larger display on the Droid X. HD Video recording/playback and rear cameras are important to me. 5 MP for Apple 8 MP for Droid X… Both are good enough for me. Front facing camera is kinda cool but I am not a big fan so it truly is a flip of the coin for me. The flip of the coin is the carrier. I am anti AT&T so I am excitedly diving head first in the Droid X. Note: I am also a fan of TI so the OMAP 3630 processor has me intrigued.

    • Soon2B Former iPhone User

      “Droid X & iPhone 4 are clearly the leaders”???? Which one of these devices supports up to 9 devices wireless? GTFOH.

      • Amador Markus

        like you are really going to use more than 3 devices anyway. The EVO is the Shit as well as the iphone and Droid X. Respect all 3 of them. It comes down to preferance. all 3 are fast, have HD, etc. I guess your selling point is your phone supporting 9 devices. Mine is that att is ripping off people including myself. I have the iphone 4g and its a really good phone. But I need more screen and I want verizon. So that was easy for me to decide. No phone is TRULY, OBJECTIVELY better. It all comes down to why/ how/ what you are using it for.

        • Lessfilling17

          I had the EVO, and that phone rocked! BUT… It is a phone, and everything else is window dressing. I sadly had to return the EVO because of dropped calls and people saying I was ‘breaking up’. Went back to Verizon and ordered the X. Can’t beat the voice calling reliability I guess.

    • BMN

      “Motorola Droid X and Apple Iphone 4 are clearly the leaders?!” You're looking at the same specs I am, right? I don't see how anyone can read this and not see EVO as the better phone.

  • Kylebush

    You really need to update your information. I see many flaws. The notable one is the incredible comes with a 2gb micro sd. You can do the rest of the research yourself.

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