Restore Your Apple TV 2G in iTunes with Micro USB [Jailbreak Possible]

by Jeffry on September 30, 2010

StealthBravo has just confirmed that Apple TV 2G can be restored in iTunes just like any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad when connected to a computer via micro USB cable. That means in addition to just restoring your iOS to factory settings,  Apple TV 2G can be jailbroken allowing you to install third party softwares or apps. iPhone hacker Musclenerd has already confirmed that SHAtter exploit can be used to jailbreak iOS 4.1 Apple TV 2G.

Apple TV 2G Restore Jailbreak As Apple TV will startreaching to customers this week, we may assume that 2nd-gen Apple TV Jailbreak will be followed by iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 jailbreak and unlock. Currently, StealthBravo is still in search for Apple TV’s DFU mode [See Update 1].  Meanwhile, you can save your SHSH blobs (SHSH tutorial MacWindows) for your new shiny Apple TV 2G with TinyUmbrella to allow you to restore your Apple TV to its initial factory iOS version. Stay tuned as we would be posting updates as and when available.

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[Update 1]: StealthBravo finally found the DFU Mode:

DFU Mode ATV: Plugin with microUSB only and then hold menu+down for 6 secs to reboot, then immediately hold menu+play.

AppleTv DFU Mode

Via – TheApplePress

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