Using a 3D Pen is how Art and Concepts take shape

3d pen

One of the most far-fetched dreams of our childhood has come true, is the ability to create 3-dimensional creations through the use of a pen, the time has come to give free rein to creativity from the moment you buy a 3D pen.

All artists and designers are filled with satisfaction when they see their creations charge a realistic sense, a view that is covered with this incredible invention.

The best 3D pens in the market

In principle, a 3D pen is not a type of 3D printer. The 3D pen that can be held in the same way as an ordinary pen, this is differentiated by its size that tends to be a little larger, and that instead of making use of an ink or having a coal mine, it uses plastic filaments.

The filament is inserted in the pen, which by heating technology that is inside, makes it hot enough to melt the plastic to mold it as desired with the quantities you need. The mechanism of use is the same as that present in glue guns, unlike in the interior there is a plastic of a given color. One of the advantages is the fact that 3D pens work on almost any surface.

We are all used to make bidimensional illustrations by using a pen or pencil, now, with the use of the 3D pen, in fact add the third dimension, makes the possibilities of creating realistic illustrations to be endless.

Currently the market is full of all kinds of brands, prices and models that make the job of choosing a 3D pen a difficult task, because there is not much information available because it is a fairly new innovation.

We have decided to make a list of the best 3D pens available in the market so that you can achieve a criterion of what to look for when buying.

7TECH 3D Printing Pen

7TECH 3D Printing Pen

We start the list with a 3D pen whose advertising promotion announces that it is very silent and also very easy to use, it also comes with several features that make the 3D pen worthy to be considered one of the best available.

Among the advanced features that distinguish the 3D pen is that it has one of the best known thermal controls.

The 7TECH allows to control the speed with which the molten plastic comes out, which greatly facilitates the well-managed use of plastic. And in case there is any obstruction of the plastics, the pen is responsible for notifying the problem.

There are some details that must be taken into account and are important. First of all, it does not come with enough plastic filament, just as we should also mention that when the pen is in full use, it can become too hot, reaching temperatures that could cause burns.

Knowing these details, if precautions are taken and the filaments are acquired, it can be said that the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen is one of the best 3D pens in this list and those that are available in the market.

DigiHero 3D Pen

DigiHero Toys for Kids 3D Pen

We present an ideal option for children, as it offers safety and ease of use. Beginning the description by its design, this one is quite light, which causes that many can assume a position of which the pen is constructed with cheap materials.

This 3D pen has a tool that allows a safe removal of the filament that is not in use, brings also a micro USB wall charger and a pen holder. It comes equipped with 12 foot long plastic filaments of random colors. It is also quite accessible in terms of the price.

With respect to the performance of the DigiHero, it does not exceed the expectations of a 3D pen that has been designed for children, it would be necessary to say that it does not have the advanced functions of a professional 3D pen such as the extraction of the mouthpiece or the mechanism that prevents obstruction of the plastic when it is cold.

Understanding this, for an advanced user or one who needs a professional 3D pen, this model will not satisfy your design ambitions, it has a very good sales outlet but you have to be very clear that it is for children or beginning users.

In short, the DigiHero is an ideal 3D pen for children, do not expect more from it.

Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

The Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen has as an advertising argument that is designed for both children and professionals in design. It is a bit difficult to imagine that a product can combine the expectations of two groups of consumers so distant, but what it does is integrate the most important characteristics of each one.

Among the characteristics that it has this 3D Pen, are the advanced ones that art professionals need, which involves the possibility of adjusting the temperature and the exit speed of the plastic, as well as having a great part of the characteristics thought for the children, like the fact of It has scribble templates and a wide variety of colored filaments.

We must consider that if these characteristics are crossed, we can see that use of the adjustment of temperature and speed is not really useful for children, just as it is unlikely that the templates are used by the art professional.

But what must be kept in mind is that the 3D pen unites basic aspects, and that because of the quality it has plus the functions it offers, at the price that is being sold, it makes it a very good purchase option.

Concluding the idea, the Leo Evo 3D Doodler pen is good for a buyer with a short budget, it makes a good gift for children for its quality-price combination. And for a professional audience, it is a very basic 3D pen, and for its functions, makes this a very good option thanks to its economic value.

Professional 3D printing pen MYNT3D

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

We bring to the list a 3D pen for professional use, the MYNT3D is a product really easy to use and satisfactory in its performance. It has as a principle that 3D pens are not heavy to make their use a rewarding and efficient experience, in addition to facilitating the work without adding extra effort.

This 3D pen is characterized mainly by its ergonomics that manages to position it among the most competitive, since its design is very comfortable for grip and its construction is solid and of course, lightweight.

Between the functional characteristics, the 3D pen allows that the temperature and the speed adjust, which guarantees an adequate control on how the plastic filaments melt.

It has the facility of being able to be cleaned with simplicity since the mouthpiece can be removed, since there is a difficulty present in the 3D pens when removing the mouthpiece, and that in this model, that headache is eliminated by the ease in design that allows this functionality.

It also brings a small OLED screen that allows you to configure several modes of use of the 3D pen, which many users may underestimate or not believe that it really is an impact, but the important thing is that it opens the door to future designs of the 3D pens with a much better option. more sophisticated.

The MYNT3D model can support plastic filaments of ABS and PLA, which are easy to obtain in the market with a wide range of colors and textures.

With respect to the effort that must be invested in acquiring expertise with this 3D pen, the time that must be dedicated is not really much since it is really simple to use and practice with it, even though the instruction manual is not complete. But there are many videos and tutorials to use for this 3D pen online.

In short, due to its design, comfort of grip, lightness and the possibility of giving an appropriate maintenance with the ease of removal of the mouthpiece, this is one of the best 3D pens for professionals.



From architects, artists, designers to anyone with specific needs for creativity can achieve great satisfaction with this 3D pen.

This is a small and intelligent LIX model, ideal for any artist interested in taking advantage of their knowledge and creativity through innovation.

First of all, the design of this 3D pen, the brand decided to update the structure and its internal components, making it more flexible and durable by reconstructing it from previous models.

With regard to aesthetics this product is shorter than the previous models, making it the smallest pen until now. In addition, it comes in presentations of Gold, Silver and Black.

Due to its small size, the 3D pen also offers a great performance since it does not look like its noisy competitors in the market, so it makes the use experience very comfortable and silent to be used in any environment.

Apart from being outstanding for the design in appearance, it also has innovation in the traction and heating mechanism, improving the flow of filament along the pen. This means that there is no risk of jams to occur provided by an evacuation system that removes plastic dust from the internal components.

By acquiring a LIX 3D PEN UV, bring two packages of ABS filaments of 40 rods with 20 cm long. The great thing about the brand is that it can use a wide range of filaments, among which are the translucent filaments, fluorescent plastic, metal or wood.

Among the positive that it brings, is that this 3D pen comes with a cable to recharge USB type, which makes it very portable because it only requires a USB plug to charge it, either from any source of energy, and start using it without much complication.

As a negative detail of the 3D pen product is the limitation that has at the time of loading the filament, because when making a structure of great magnitude, it is necessary to make a series of stops to fill the filament. To make a more continuous work you can use a reel filament, with the detail that the use of the reel filament can void the warranty of the pen.

But leaving that detail aside and consider taking the risk to take on big jobs, the LIX PEN UV is one of the best 3D pens in the market for all its great aesthetic and functional qualities.

What should you know before buying a 3D pen?

Before buying you should inquire and be very clear about the applications and functions the 3D pen should contain. Each aspect changes according to the brand, the ease of creating at a good pace some design, the design of the pen, the type of filament, among many other characteristics.

The technology of 3D pens is very new, so there is not much history covered to make a good discernment of the best features, while reading this article many improvements are being achieved. The characteristics that you should contemplate to make the best choice before buying are the following:


All brands that come are each with their own innovation, so it is necessary to compare models and brands according to the most interesting features they offer. The brand does make a difference within this line of technology. Inquire about the brand to take into account what is expected is the responsibility of the user.

Plastic filament

The plastic that makes the drawing is contained in the filament, filaments that up to now have 4 categories: Standard, Compound, Flexible and Specialty. Up to now in the market approximately a dozen different types of filaments are offered, types that determine the style of creation. A good filament is determined by how easy it is to be replaced, since it helps extend the life of the 3D pen.


Design is one of the most important aspects in this product, it is necessary to facilitate access to the screen, that the controls are located in strategic places to generate comfort, that it be rechargeable with a USB port, that visibility is clear from the filament until the creation is made. The most important detail is that the 3D pen is ergonomic, lightweight and most similar to a conventional pen in terms of thinness.


the more control, the better quality. Being able to control the temperature in order to fine-tune the drawings, and control the exit speed of the melted plastic, makes it possible to regulate the flow of plastic makes creating the drawing easier and more comfortable. The evolution of this product aims to be able to offer intelligent controls and help the creation of a more detailed form.

Read reviews

As we have already explained, this is a very new product still on the market, so it should not be guided by advertising promotions and promises that manufacturers can make, it is necessary to look especially comments on reviews and Claims made in the purchase pages, in video platforms, etc. To really have an idea about the value, performance and quality is the easy way to have it.

In short, the main function that must be able to perform, is the construction of a 3D object. To load and change the filaments, the designs and functions that can facilitate these processes must be known. Having the configuration to adjust the temperature is a very competitive quality, as well as if they bring large LCD screens. Some products even have a filament jam detection system.

Taking into account that this is a very new product still in the market and that there is a lot to choose from, we hope we have helped to give you the tools to find the 3D pen that will satisfy your expectations.

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