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best electric shavers

Choosing an electric shaver is a very own decision of the buyer, recommend a type of shaver is a risk that we will not run, because what is appropriate for one type of person, may not be for another.

The electric shavers market is completely covered with copies of all kinds, which makes choosing an option becomes a very difficult job.

The 5 best electric shavers of the year

You must know first the factors that you must keep in mind to choose correctly, being the most important factors: the characteristics, comfort, style, nature and design of the shaver.

Due to all this that you have to take into account, we decided to make a list with the 5 best electric shavers in the market, which gather the best attributes within the factors that must cover. As the intention is to find the best electric shaver that is suitable for your satisfaction as a user and that manages to adapt to the characteristics of your face, we hope that this list will help to clear all your doubts.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D

Philips Norelco 1250X-40 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

The Philips brand is widely known to be unbeatable in the technology that makes rotary electric shavers. We present the ideal shaver for the face as well as the head, the Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D rotary shaver.

This electric shaver is characterized and distinguished by using the technology “GyroFlex 3D”, which involves having 3 round foils that work independently that adhere and can move between the contours of the face, helping to remove all hair and stubble.

This electric shaver is ideal for those users who want to remain completely bald, because the foils that it has, in addition to turning, can move from top to bottom and even tilt.

Another technology that makes use and boasts is the so-called “Super Lift & Cut”, with which it manages to catch flat hairs, grown and stubble in the jaw and neck. This shaver can really adhere to the user’s skin, being able to move very comfortably and smoothly along each contour of the face, leaving an efficient shave.

Among the negative aspects of the shaver is the fact that design deceives, it seems very good quality for advertising, but already in hand you can see that by its material seems very cheap, a feeling that arises from being made of rubber and plastic.

Apart from this detail that can be considered as minor, this one that we could not pass, and is the fact that the battery is fixed in the shaver, so for some reason you need to change the battery, you can not do it, you must proceed to change the shaver itself.

Obviating the negative details, the SensoTouch 3D is one of the best rotary electric shavers on the market, with which you can get a shave flush, possessing all the most current features offered in this market.

Braun Series 7 790CC

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc

One of the best-known European companies in the body aesthetics market is the German brand Braun, with the 7 790cc electric shaver being the most sold of all times, which we present below.

The head of the Braun 790cc shaver can move with ease and flexibility between the contours of the user’s face.

The 7 790cc shaver is distinguished among all the other electric shavers, since it consists of three trimmers, of which two of them are of the “OptiFoil” type whose function is to cover more facial hair surface with fewer strokes; and the third is of the “ActiveLift” type that has the purpose of cutting the adult or shorter hair.

The technology that supports this shaver is known as Pulsonic, with which you can capture the most hairs by producing 10,000 micro vibrations per minute.

This machine also maintains an enviable hygiene, as it comes with a cleaning spring that loads alcohol-based, maintaining a high level of asepsis.

Depending on the type of person, the type of hair and skin, the shaver can be adjusted in Normal, Intensive and Extra Sensitive mode. It also comes equipped with an emergent trimmer to keep sideburns, beards and mustache.

The only defect that we find this incredible electric shaver is that it does not come with Wet & Dry technology.

After all this, we can say that this is the best electric shaver that exists in the market since it came out.

Its design, its technology, quality of manufacture and materials, apart from the details of customization make it the best among the competition, and has an attribute that we have not mentioned, is the most economical there is in this list as one of the most accessible.

Panasonic Arc 4

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor

The Panasonic brand is presented in this opportunity with the Arc 4 model, composed of 4 blades on the head.

This electric shaver comes with all the characteristics of its successor, the Arc 5, with the difference that it does not have the 5 blades and does not bring the charging base and cleaning spring. However, the system of 4 blades is equally sharp and insurmountable, which makes the experience of shaving optimal.

It should be noted that the electric shaver Arc 4 is equipped with a very powerful motor of 14,000 CPM of double action line and in addition to that, the blades it brings are very sharp, in addition to durable and have the ability to turn in any direction a maximum of 30 degrees.

A detail that is not very comfortable is the fact that many of the other options in electric shavers can have a battery backup for more than 50 minutes, this model offers a full charge only 40 minutes.

Apart from that, we can tell you that this is one of the best electric shavers to offer the shaving features flush with its premium version but at a much lower cost.

Braun 9 9095CC Series

Braun Series 9-9095cc Wet and Dry Foil Shaver for Men

The Braun brand returns to the list with another model, with the Braun 9 9095CC, which in appearance looks great for having a bright chrome plated cover.

Regarding the operation of this electric shaver, it is very similar to the best sold 790cc, with the particularity and improvements that the 9095cc comes with the technology “Direct & Cut”, which is an additional trimmer that allows to align the hairs so they have the same address and then cut them.

And the ActiveLift technology of 790 cc is replaced by the HyperLift, which allows to eliminate flat hairs in a more advanced way. Also this shaver if it has Wet & Dry technology, ideal for cases in which user needs to use a gel on his face.

This shaver produces 40,000 cross-sectional actions per minute, which should not be confused with the 10,000 micro vibrations of 790cc. It also has the Pop-up trimmer technology.

A detail to consider, is that this model is made of plastic while the 799cc model has a metal head. This shaver is not ideal for those who shave daily or who have a normal beard, as it would waste a lot of money unnecessarily, but offers the ideal candidate for your purchase a much more delicate treatment for the skin.

In short, the Braun 9 9095 series can easily be considered the best electric shaver, since it meets all the excellent features that the 790cc lacks, with the disadvantage that its price is much higher and that it is made of plastic.

Panasonic ES-LV95

Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

Panasonic has positioned itself within the market of electric shavers, offering users a quality of products with very high standards. Its price is not very accessible but due to its great performance, they offer the consumer an excellent quality-price ratio.

This time they are presented with the model ES-LV95, designed for those users who shave well close and clean, besides allowing you to save time since it is very fast during shaving. It comes equipped with a useful screen that shows the status of the battery and how much time remains to turn off while in use.

It brings with it a cleaning station with which you can clean the blades by a click of a button and remove all the hair inside after shaving. It also has a protective cover to keep it protected, and to make it easy to move at the time of a trip, brings a leather travel bag.

Among the defects that this shaver has is the noise it makes during its use, it can be equated to the buzz of a swarm of bees, and due to the ability to get close to the skin for a neat shave, it can be a bit aggressive for the skins sensitive, but with the use and custom, the skin can be adjusted to the shaver for various more uses.

As we said, the Panasonic EX-LV95 is not cheap, but due to the features and amenities it offers, it has an excellent quality-price ratio, and as it does not present any really important faults, it can easily be considered one of the best electric shavers for the market.

Essential characteristics of the best electric shaver

Electric shaving machines are products that combine a diversity of precision technologies. Reason why before making the purchase it is necessary that you go with a clear mind about what you are looking for and how to adapt the product to your particular needs. Below we will present a group of terms that will help you better understand the technology that is behind the best electric shaver in the market.

Rotary or Foil

Aluminum foil shavers have the ability to get closer to the skin, thus offering greater smoothness in shaving, in addition to doing work more quickly. While the rotary shavers were designed to generate more comfort during shaving, only that they take more time to use.

Wet & Dry technology

This technology allows you to use your electric shaver on dry skin or even under the shower. Especially those people who have sensitive skin and need to use a gel to shave, this technology is a must have.

LED screen indicator

It is always good to keep in mind how the battery power goes while the electric shaver is in use, so you know how much time you have left and you avoid inconvenience.

Maintenance and Cleaning

You should look for an electric shaver that is easy to use and clean. Those that we name in the list meet this condition, and it is not that the vast majority of electric shavers bring cleaning base, which makes this process something very fast and simple through the use of a button, and those that Do not come with the cleaning spring, because doing it manually is not something that will take a long time either.

Pop-up trimmer

This trimmer is ideal for use on the sideburns, mustache and grooming.

As we could show, choosing a brand can be difficult, to draw your own conclusions based on your type of skin and the trim you want to have, you need to test to see which offers better results.

Remember that when choosing the best electric shaver is not necessary to go for the most expensive, you should be clear in finding the best value for money in electric shavers.

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