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The most demanding customers are the gamers, and they have the right to be, the use of the devices when playing must be durable, good quality and support all the effort and energy invested during game hours. So a cheap mouse will never meet the needs of a user so demanding with performance and optimal functionality.
Knowing this, the manufacturing companies have not wasted their time in the design and construction of the best gaming mouse that should cover the high expectations.

Here you will find the best gaming mouse, just keep reading!

Taking into account that the gaming mice are better than the conventional ones because they offer to change between different DPI and extra programmable buttons. You can have all you need to play just using one hand with only one device, as incredible as it may seem.

We bring you in this opportunity everything you need to know about the best gaming mouse, in addition to making a list of the five best options that are currently on the market. We wanted to gather this select list to help all the people who do not know much about the peripherals of the game; and given the wide variety of accessories, it is difficult to discriminate which is the one that fits the particular needs and achieve the greatest satisfaction of the customer.

The list starts now!

Asus ROG Spatha

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless-Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

This is a clear example of the top line of Asus from Republic of Gamers, by this, the consumer knows what to expect, and we are talking about a large mouse in volume, ideal for gamers, that can be configured with features of all kinds, from additional buttons to RGB effects synchronized with other products of the ROG brand like accessories such as graphics cards, Asus keyboard or motherboards.

With respect to its aesthetic design, it was created to impress, the Spatha is at the center of attraction among the best gaming mouse of the Asus brand, being aggressive in appearance. This mouse was built with unconventional quality materials, with a magnesium alloy, making it considerably heavy in comparison with its competitors, but that by itself, is a wonderful creation, also has incredible ergonomics and special comfort for long gaming sessions. And although it is expensive, it is a price that any connoisseur of the subject and games fan would be willing to pay.

With regard to the technical details, the ROG Spatha has the ability to program a large number of buttons it has available, in total comes with 12 buttons, and these can be programmed, using the Asus Armory software, depending on the particular needs, you also get 8,200 DPI maximum. These main buttons use Omron switches, rated for the highest level of click cycles, which in the case of grinding down can be replaced without great complication. Depending on the preference, this gaming mouse can be used wirelessly as well as wired.

Regarding aesthetics, it has RGB lights, being a flagship mouse, it has all the characteristics that define it as such.

Knowing very well that this is not the perfect mouse, since we observed some flaws with respect to certain buttons that feel a little weak, but nevertheless they do the job, so we think that this is one of the best gaming mouse that there is currently accessible.

Razer Ouroboros

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Wired or Wireless Gaming Mouse

It can not surprise the presence of a representative of this brand, being Razer one of the best manufacturers of peripheral accessories in the market.

Although this mouse has been on the market for quite some time, it is the direct competitor of Asus Spatha. It offers an ambidextrous design that makes it the best choice for many users, and also combines wireless / wired functionality. It is necessary to clarify that the mouse of Ouroboros does not have all the aesthetic features of lighting and screens that attracts so many, this is a device made for a practical use.

It is expected that in the future, the Razer can develop an updated version with all the modern lighting details.

Reviewing the technical characteristics of the mouse, it stands out the fact that it has 11 programmable buttons, it also has dual high precision sensors, as well as the possibility to put, remove, change and move most of the pieces of the mouse. Among the modifications allowed to adjust their weight, you can also adjust a palm rest, so you can achieve a proper grip.

Among the creative aspects that this copy of the Razer brand can have, we see that it is expensive, knowing that it is a mouse for games, and that in addition the configuration of its buttons can become at first a bit confusing. But ignoring these details, this is one of the best gaming mouse ideal for left-handed or ambidextrous and also has different variants of functional configuration.

Steel Series Rival 700

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

The company of Steel Series is one of the preferred by the professional players of the electronic sports, reason why it is already a respected mark by this community so knowledgeable of the subject.

Among the technical features that this game mouse contains, first of all it has a modular design, where each module is purchased separately, with RGB lighting. The Rival 700 is the first of its kind where information of all kinds is displayed, from exclusive GIFs or downloaded to adjustments, and this is possible thanks to the fact that it has an OLED screen. It also has the feature of vibrating as an interaction response with the game.

It allows the adjustable DPI configuration with a DPI that has the capacity to maximize the optical sensor in 16,000, as well as the laser sensor in 8000, which can be changed by purchasing it as a separately accessory.

A defect that we must tell, this mouse was made only for right-handed, left-handed people were not considered for the mouse design. You can also buy at a price that is not accessible to all public because it is expensive. This disadvantage generates a problem to consider, and is the fact if each module is sold separately, so we think that the price of the mouse should be lower.

But despite this detail that excludes a group of consumers, the Rival 700 is one of the best gaming mouse because this device allows because it is adapted to any type of player, whether playing an RPG, an MMO or FPS , this mouse will do everything you want efficiently.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired-Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech is one of the leaders in the manufacture and design of high-end peripherals, with an indisputable quality and an a history of previous models, so it already had a position insured in our list of the best gaming mouse.

One of the most impressive features that the Chaos Spectrum brings is that the DPI has the possibility to change effectively, going from 200 to 12,000 DPI on the fly, in addition, it brings the legendary software package, which represents the main reason why Logitech products are so desirable. It also has its own version for RGB lighting, known as Spectrum.

The Chaos Spectrum is a mouse that is designed for ambidextrous and also manages the duality of being used wirelessly or wired.

Due to the amount of functions available in addition to the price, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a mouse that can very well be the direct competitor of the Razer Ouroboros and the Asus Spatha.

Due to all the functions and aesthetics that this mouse brings for games, its price is not low, on the contrary, it is quite high, but it is still the mouse that best represents the Logitech brand.

With all that said, we tell you that the Chaos Spectrum is one of the best gaming mice because of its great performance and

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming Mouse
This is the first time that Corsair dares to launch a product that had never brought to the market, a model of gaming mouse, and the most incredible thing is that no one was left disappointed.

As it is stated in its name, this mouse has built-in RGB lighting, which through the personal configuration software allows to control it effectively. The good thing is that the software with which it comes, is not difficult to learn to use.

One of the great things that this mouse brings for gamers is that it has a weight adjustment system, allowing the user to make this equipment much lighter, so the handling of it is much more sensible and without fatigue due to prolonged use of the player. This possibility is one of the gamers demands of FPS games, but these characteristics do not exclude the other users of other types of games that wish to enjoy their attributes.

Another detail that should not be left out, is that this mouse also has some buttons that can be configured as desired by the user, so that the DPI can be adjusted in a personalized way.

This is one of the specimens that any consumer interested in obtaining quality and a very cheap price would be happy to acquire, therefore, we think that the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is without a doubt one of the best gaming mouse that there is currently for you.

What to look when getting the best gaming mouse?

This market is one of the most abundant products, there are all kinds, brand, functionality, model, weight, size, appearance… there is too much to find the product adapted to the needs of the consumer, so it can be a challenge when you are new to the world of gaming mice.

To start you have to be clear what kind of games are counted to know how to find the right gaming mouse, knowing that the games are classified into three genres:
First person shooter (FPS), Real-time strategy (RTS) and Multiplayer massive online (MMO).

The ideal would be to find a mouse that has the skills to work perfectly for the three genres of games, some manage to cover those expectations while others are designed with specializations for a genre type. We are going to describe the most important characteristics that the best gaming mouse must contemplate to offer an optimal experience.

Programming buttons

This feature allows you to add more excitement to the experience of using the gaming mouse, since they have buttons that can become quick access keys and thus more quickly achieve the execution of actions in the game.


Thanks to the programming of buttons, it is also possible to make a set of profile settings to switch between genres and games, with which, for example, you can program different actions for the buttons while, within the game, you change the character.


There are two types of sensors on the market, the optical sensor is designed to work on any surface, while the laser sensor works for reflective surfaces. So the choice depends on the circumstance of the user, since both sensors offer excellent DPI.


This is one of the most named attributes, this is measured in DPI that are dots per inch or in CPI, characters per inch. This measure can go from 3 to a 5 digit number, when the number is being higher, it indicates that the mouse can move more quickly on the screen.


Currently, gaming mice have the ability to ignore erratic hand movements during execution with a very small error range, this being a smart aspect that satisfies the requirements of a player.


Although few care about this attribute, it really does matter, since with an appropriate weight, the level of sensitivity changes in a game. This makes the mice with adjustable weights a highly sought-after device, since a fine adjustment facilitates predictions and ease in the game.


As in aeronautics, it is measured in the G force that equals 9.8 meters per second, and is obtained from the relationship between the speed of the pointer and the speed of movement of the user’s hand.

Probing rate

It is measured in hertz in a range between 250-1000Hz in any mouse for games. It refers to the rate of transfer and response between the mouse and the computer. The data sent from the mouse is processed first before the action is reflected on the screen.

Take-off distance

The takeoff distance plays an important role in competitive games, this being the height at which the mouse can be lifted from the surface until its functions stop reflecting, requiring for this attribute of a software for the mouse that manages to adjust the takeoff distances.

Types of grips of mice

This seems a design-only aspect, but it has a lot to do with the use that is given depending on the game genre. There are three types of grip ports available:

Hold with the fingertip: the hand is in the air completely, and only two fingers and thumb are those who touch the mouse in this grip.

Palm grip: the hand rests completely on the mouse. This type of grip is ideal to keep the palms resting.

Claw grip: is like the palm grip with the difference that the index finger and middle finger arc back to click to form a perpendicular angle.

Having the best gaming mouse is ideal for any consumer, but there is a detail that seems not to be taken into account, a gaming mouse will not bring improvements in the playing skills, all thanks to the programmable buttons, customizable macros and its high DPI in addition to other features. The gaming mouse facilitates certain functions but does not do magic.

That’s why the market is so saturated with gaming mice, there are too many options for the average player to choose from, and while it is certainly a good thing, it also confuses the customer. Since there is a great diversity of options and that it becomes very difficult to choose among many, but after having read our best options and in addition to better understand which are the characteristics that should be taken into account, we hope to have helped clarify the doubts so that you go to the store much safer to find what the best gaming mouse for you.

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