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There is a very strong belief that traditional analog watches are much more accurate and better than digital ones, as they have a perfectionist appearance that catches your eye. This thought is present in many consumers, however, smartwatches have a great boom in the present moment, although, as is well known, they have also been on the market for a long time, it is just that only now, thanks to the great improvements that have provided companies such as Apple, Samsung and many others, have made the fact of having a smartwatch a whole new experience.

The Best Smartwatch to buy this year

All this evolution has generated the consideration of the need for the existence of smartwatches, as they represent the death of a conceptual style of the wrist watch.
In spite of the confrontations, there is a nourished ecosystem of consumers who value the usefulness of smartwatches, since they manage to link the information they require from their cell phones, which has made the industry dedicate itself exclusively into creating a line for this field.

Because of this, the manufacturing companies have dedicated themselves to the design of the best smartwatches to offer consumers a wide range of selection when choosing the product that meets their expectations in the most effective way, among the improvements we highlight the sensors and monitors diversity of vital records that offer a unique experience to the user.

After explaining in a general way the context of this versatile product, we have taken the time to look for the 5 best options available in the current market that are the best value for money for you.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Everyone can see that the S3 is the best first quality smartwatch from the first moment you get to have it in hand, the S3 groups all the excellent features of previous versions with the addition of offering more features than before.
As is well known, Samsung’s Gear smart watch series has been one of the dominant products in this range, for all the right reasons, for years. The Gear S3 is undoubtedly one of our favorite smartwatches.

First, let’s start the description by being honest, this is one of the most expensive watches on the list, however, it is worth it for many reasons. This usually happens when you have an amazing product and smart marketing to promote it.

Knowing the previous, this smartwatch is made with top quality materials used throughout the construction, which makes its quality superior. Furthermore, with regard to design in appearance, this watch feels like a fashion statement, for its primium quality presence and its smart functions.

Regarding the operating system it uses, the Gear S3 does not work with Android Wear like the vast majority of smartwatches, this one brings its own Samsung operating system called Tizen. After reviewing its operation, which we were not familiar with due to inexperience, we came to the conclusion that the system is very promising, with an important detail, has no applications, which would limit many buyers to acquire it. We know of an update that Samsung made in the Tizen system with which it is already allowed to store, in its 4 GB capacity, Spotify playlists offline, which is ideal for many because it allows you to enjoy your favorite music outdoors without an Internet point.

Besides, this watch also offers a great intuitive interface that is among the best designed for any smartwatch, and the great thing is that the Gear S3 has a great animated screen that is always on, and unlike many competing watches that turn off the screen when they are not active.

Another great attribute of the Gear S3 smartwatch is that it comes loaded with activity trackers of all kinds, ideal for having sports logs of all kinds, all this active for use as long as you accept large amounts of permissions that requires, situation that many users would feel unsure to allow. If this is not taken into account as an important issue, this product can be considered a first class smartwatch by integrating all the features you are looking for personal utility.

As not everything is perfect, we must detail some aspects that we did not love, starting aesthetically by the magnitude size of the smartwatch, if you are not sturdy, it is very likely to look great on the wrist, obviously this judgement is totally subjective but it is important to highlight it for those who do not seek to attract much attention. Another detail that we must emphasize, the lack of adequate applications, which as we said is due to the operating system that is still being developed and improved and is not supported in generic systems.

Already knowing the contrasts between the features of this watch and yet let pass the negative details, no doubt the Samsung Gear 3 is the best smartwatch you can acquire.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Now we’ll show you the best cheapest smartwatch on the list, the Pebble Time Smartwatch, which is also presented with a very simplistic look for those people who like to keep the simplicity over any other feature. Regarding its screen design has an always-on reflective color display that looks great but is not very efficient under sunlight.

The watch has a large storage capacity, which can be used by storing own files as well as applications that are desired to be compatible with the OS, so it should be noted that the vast majority of apps accessible for this smartwatch are free. In addition, we must know that this clock can support all screen appearances that are built for both Android and iOS, which gives that personal touch to the smartwatch to have the customization you want without limits. One of its best features is that its battery is long-lasting, can remain uncharged for more than a couple of days. It also comes as water resistant, which makes it ideal for people who have water activities.

Among the features that are not desirable, first of all it should be noted that it has no touch screen, which makes navigation through your system a bit cumbersome. Another downside we found is that the fitness trackers are just along with all the sensors, and the applications they use lacks development. They also pushed aside a detail to the screen, in broad daylight it faints, becoming difficult to read.

We must warn that the watch faces available for screen are so many, ranging from very striking and good to some with bad taste, which are also not so few.

In short, the Pebble Time has many useful features retaining a very simple style as well as being very cheap. The disadvantages do not compete with the atributes offered by the watch, so we affirm that the Pebble Time is a really good choice for users looking for the best smartwatch below 100 dollars.

Sports Watch S928

S928 Sports Watch Smartwatch

One of the most affordable smartwatches on the market due to its low price. First of all it is very simple, it does not have a high resolution color screen, the S928 Sports Watch uses a simple monochromatic screen, for those who look for simplicity and practicality, this is a very good option.
Among the features that distinguish this watch to be on our list, we have to say that the S928 Sports Watch is also equipped with a GPS integrated with a 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, allowing users to track every movement made during outdoor training. Also this watch comes with a heart rate monitor capable of providing heart rate updates in real time.
As well as keeping records of data outdoors, providing the user with real-time updates on weather conditions outdoors. Allowing you to be able to plan your training carefully by having this information at hand.

There are not many special options that can be offered to the user, but it is important to know that these features work in the watch ecosystem, allowing your sensors to take control of the situation.

This smartwatch comes with an application available for both iOS and Android for control, we point out that for users who like the presentation of the time in 24-hour format, this clock can not cover this need, only has the format of 12 hours, besides, the clock supports only the English language, although the application has 12 languages, being an inconsistency of the system, which is not ideal for users who do not use English as the main language. All of this is because the application mentioned is quite simple and does not give so many options to the user.

We have to take into account a detail, the application has the possibility of being constantly updated by the developer, so we can assume that in the future, these uncomfortable details would be resolved for the benefit of the user.

After reviewing this product, we can say that the S928 is a smartwatch that works as it is supposed to and can be obtained at a very low price. Please note that it does not come with unnecessary features that could drain the battery. This is the most practical best smartwatch because it comes with the essentials, which can also be positioned among the best.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

Motorola has always stood out for its ergonomic and distinctive designs, and for this version of Moto 360 Sport, they did not disappoint. The 360 Sport smartwatch differentiates and is not presented as a fantasy object, and while it is designed and made for physically active people, who love sport and activities in the outdoors, however there are no impediments for anyone interested in having it to use it.

From the earliest designs, Motorola has always been characterised by a minimalist and sober design, and the Moto 360 Sport comes with a version of the design that is ideal for an elegant sporty appearance.

In principle, the smartwatch comes with a good number of features. One of the fundamental ones, the screen! since it comes with a technology that makes it look surreal, in what sense? because this screen changes appearance according to the light source in which you are, it makes use of a smart technology called AnyLght, this allows that, for example, when the user is under normal light, while actively using the watch, the screen is shown as standard LCD, but the moment one stops using and enters an inactive state, or direct light enters the screen, it becomes a transreflective screen.

This feature is intended to ensure that battery life is preserved and that the user is able to read the time and date without trouble. Despite this technology, it must be said that the battery is not as durable as expected for a smartwatch this size. As it is well known, the batteries of this watch is smaller compared to other devices for design reasons, and is a pity that does not guarantee days of normal activity without charging.

As you can see, this is the best smartwatch for active people in sports activities, ideal design for this type of people, brings the functions that anyone needs in the middle of their workouts indoors or outdoors.

Xiaomi Amazfit

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch

The devices designed by the Xiaomi brand use high quality materials and components so they also appear to show that high quality, so it automatically follows that this is a quality product. Added to this, this company is characterized by launching its products at very affordable prices, from smart phones to accessories, they have always been shown as very economical for their quality.

For that reason, the smartwatch of this brand has its place on the list. So we said in the introduction, if you are looking for the best smartwatch that is also cheap, the best buy is this one. It offers a wide range of sensors, GPS, functions such as Bluetooth and fitness trackers.

The Amazfit has among its most attractive appearance elements, the use of the transreflective screen, an attribute that is being reflected in a common feature in the latest generation smartwatches.

Another good thing about the Xiaomi Amazfit is the battery life. This is undoubtedly one of the best specimens with the best battery lasting in the smartwatch market. The battery can last between 3 and 5 days on a full charge.

Although we have highly praised this product, it also has certain disadvantages that must be taken into account. First of all, the firmware is a bit cumbersome, so it is waiting for a prompt update to solve this problem, but for the moment must be tolerated. In addition, the application that comes with the smartwatch is very basic, you do not get the special features that other devices do, as well as fitness activities records are equally limited. It lacks the advanced function and the complementary application is not as good as expected, these problems have their solution further on depending on future updates. A detail that should not be overlooked, this watch uses a charging dock that is of exclusive property.

Our intention is not to generate disenchantment with the watch, but to take into account the good and the bad in order to make the fit purchase of your particular needs, without breaking that general experience you want to obtain by making use of the potentialities of the device. With all that said, it cannot be denied that, depending on the type of user, the wonderful Xiaomi Amazfit is one of the best smartwatches.

Key features to keep in mind when buying the best smartwatch for you

Making a purchase of a smartwatch does not represent a big effort, moreover it is necessary to know that not all smartwatches are the same. Each shows its list of exclusive features that make it stand out from the rest. For example, their operating systems, the vast majority are supported by Android Wear, thus making a standard of use that benefits the majority who are accustomed to using this system, but there are others, more sophisticated, that have exclusive operating systems not compatible with the others.

For anyone who aiming to shop for a new smartwatch, considering the features that are there, or missing from these watches, based on the price they are carrying, can be overwhelming.
To determine which are the best smartwatches, you need to have in mind all the important features a smartwatch should have so you will know what you are looking for. Among the basic aspects you have:

A set of sensors

A main feature is that the watch has a set of sensors that make it stand out, among which should be contemplated the heartbeat sensor, for example, as well as those sensors that can record vital signs or at least all the information that may be useful to you.

This depends on the type of person you are, if you are one of those who like to do a lot of exercise, you should have a good heartbeat sensor to get control according to the information on the beats per minute. If you are on a diet to lose weight, a sensor that reports the calories burned is a need, record the steps taken in a walk or the best training regimen that comes to mind, can be monitored with a suitable sensor.

If for having some of the best sensors you may have to pay a premium, it is worth paying that extra. In short, sensors are really important in a smartwatch.

Physical Condition Tracking

For the case where it is not paramount to have control over the physical condition tracking registers, the minimum necessary condition is that your smartwatch has the physical condition trackers built in. For those who exercise and want to know if they’re doing enough and make sure you’re on the right track, having a fitness tracker watch is a must.

Voice Commands

Long time has passed since voice commands made funny interpretations, a real ton of work for updateshace come demonstrate how they operate nowadays. Today voice commands are better than ever thanks to assistants like Google Assistant, among others.

These commands can be extremely useful when it comes to smartwatches, even more so when you are expecting your smartwatch to be able to open a text and read it outloud to you, or give you any other data or textual information from inside the application.

Although we still have to break myths and limitations of the user, for not wanting to make use of this function, but it is always good to have a voice command, as it will help you get the most out of your situation in any circumstance.

Multimedia playback

Not all smart watches come with this feature. So make sure you have the media playback option, as well as the Bluetooth headset holder whatever smartwatch you purchase.

This function depends a lot on the needs of users, there are people who do not stop listening to their favorite playlists at the time of exercising. The concept is quite simple, most smartwatches today have Wi-Fi or cellular data, allowing them to connect to the Internet, and stream music if desired.

Smartwatches also come with Bluetooth, among other features, which allows users to connect their wireless headphones without difficulty. Both functions combine to provide an excellent listening experience for people who like to have their portable music in the most comfortable way.


Customizing devices is a necessity to maintain a degree of user authenticity, without making drastic changes such as changing the operating system. However, you should know that when it comes to smartwatches, customization is not limited to the software level.

Customization refers to the ability to change the appearance of watches, or the ability to use third-party watch designs created by talented developers and designers. It is not going to happen that a person remains with the standard watch face for as long as he or she is with the watch.
The more customization there is, the more happiness for the user, even if it is at the software level.

In the same way you put a case or a theme on a smartphone or tablet in order to change its general appearance, changing the straps of your smarwatch to make it feel and look different is the distinctive goal anyone wants to achieve. It is possible to choose between many colors and designs of leather, rubber or steel straps.

Another detail when buying a smart watch is that you must be sure that you have the function of changing the straps, so it becomes possible to personalize best your smartwatch. To many users this is essential even though this is not really a feature.

Bottom line…

Smart watches were designed for those who really want to wear them. They are not on the market to replace traditional analog watches, but rather to expand the range of needs that can be covered by a wristwatch. Its purpose is to provide a different experience to the people who need them.

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