Need the Best WiFi Router for Long Range connection?

best wifi router for long range

Today, life does not feel in the same way without a wireless router, so it becomes an unquestionable necessity to have a “good” router in every sense of the word.

Want reliable connectivity? Get this year’s best wifi routers for long range

We spent many hours searching and researching among the best brands, models and prices, managing to group them into a list of the 5 best WiFi routers for long range and thus to lighten the selection process for you to make the best purchase.

One of the factors that could scare you off could be the price, they are not very accessible in general terms, but you have to take into consideration that the power of these routers is very high, so their cost does not cover their true value.

Google WiFi

Google WiFi system Router
This is the router that stands out for its appearance: elegant, modern, minimalist and discreet. It is composed of three identical units without an antenna. Each unit is a white cylindrical body, with a LED light that divides it, with a diameter of 4.1 inches and 2.7 inches in height, it is also small in comparison to common routers. Nothing more for the design, many will want to have it just for having a modern and distinctive touch at home.

This is a small device that can leave many routers large in size with very bad image.

Well, leaving the issue of its appearance aside, the Google Wi-Fi system router is quite possibly the best wireless router that exists today in the market since it offers the best range that a Wi-Fi system can cover, and due to its particularity relative to its composition, this is a router never seen, so much so that it could even be a mistake to call it a router.

Next we will give an explanation on how these three units work that are capable of providing an enviable wireless connectivity.

The Google WiFi offers simultaneous dual band Wifi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) by administering the IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac standards, it covers 3000-4500 square feet, which makes it ideal for a home or large spaces.

This set allows easy expansion of the network with just purchase another Google Wifi unit.
Plus, it guarantees optimal network performance since its processor is quad-core at 710 MHz, in addition to having 512 MB of RAM.

It has two high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports. The two ports function as a LAN and WAN port on the primary unit, while on the secondary units both ports can provide LAN functionality.

For those people who have control devices such as Alexa or Google Home, they can be integrated into the router using voice commands.

Apart from all the great attributes of this Google WiFi system, the mobile application associated with the system completely improves the experience, with the characteristics of allowing to pause the connection automatically through a customized program. It provides all the detailed statistics compatible for any device, and facilitates managing the prioritization of devices controlling the bandwidth that is desired.

To perform the configuration of the application, it is downloaded, and then the QR code of the unit connected to the modem and power source is scanned. After this, the application is responsible for guiding the user to ingest the necessary data for the configuration. Then, the secondary units are grouped and registered in the application. It’s that simple.

According to its performance tests, the Wi-Fi system obtained a score higher than 450 Mbps, in the long range test speeds of 200 Mbps, the frequency band proximity test in the same room is 5 GHz. which are really impressive compared to the performance of large-scale routers, works respectably in the 2.4 GHz frequency band as well.

For those users with a large house and who want to be connected in every corner of it, the best wifi router for long range is the Google Wifi system that comes in a 3-unit kit. In this way, you will have a unique experience that no other router will provide thanks to its simplicity, elegance and versatility.

TP-Link Talon AD7200

TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router

We must note a detail that has to be taken into account, this router occupies a large volume, is quite large, is actually one of the largest wireless routers in the market for home use with specifications in size of 9.0 x 9.0 x 1.7 inches

In addition, this router is not cheap, but it offers all the avant-garde features that give an impressive performance for its price. Analyzing all the features of this router, we started by saying that the TP-Link Talon AD7200 is the first 802.11ac router in existence in the market.

Taking the size and price into account, it should be noted that despite the size, its design is discreet, since it allows its antennas to be folded and thus make it take a flat shape, so it becomes quite ergonomic in spite of the size.

The Talon AD7200 is equipped with the features that make it one of the pioneers in the latest technology, like TP-Link offers an easy-to-use application solution to configure, manage and update your router.

This wireless router allows to run three different Wi-Fi bands at the same time thanks to its multiband technology, combining WiFi speeds of 7.2 Gbps (Band 1: 800 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, Band 2: 1733 Mbps at 5 GHz, Band 3: 4600 Mbps at 60 GHz). Also, supports multiple users at the same time for the powerful 1.4 GHz dual-core processor.

Transferring USB drive files or to an external hard drive is no effort since it offers two USB 3.0 super speed ports. It has four ports of high speed Gigabit Ethernet and 1 WAN.
Its scope and performance are maximized due to its 8 external antennas, an last but not least, it offers Multi-User MIMO and Wireless AC technologies, which makes it easy to cover the need for simultaneous transmission for different devices.

The vast majority of routers are simple to set up, and the Talon AD7200 TP-Link is no exception, first of all it brings an illustrated guide, as well as you can download the TP-Link mobile application Tether with which you can help as a tutorial following the configuration step by step.

In principle, it starts connecting the Internet line to the router, then connect the LAN cable to the PC and then enter the website, logging in and activating the installation process.

The TP-Link router is about to update the firmware in order to make the configuration of the three bands much more useful and practical as a long-range network.

Despite the large size of this router, what that invisible detail is its great performance: the Talon AD7200 managed to impress with average records of 950 Mbps in proximity, it also has records of 450 Mbps in the proximity test at 5 GHz in a same room and an average of 250 Mbps at 30 feet of proximity, in the proximity test of 30 feet has speeds on average of 100 Mbps and 80 Mbps.

It also has a performance of 60 GHz in the AD frequency band, although as a negative aspect, it can not penetrate obstacles such as walls, so it must work in open spaces. Maybe if a comparison is made with one of its biggest competitors, the NETGEAR Nighthawk X10, it may not be so impressive performance, but depending on what was said and we add the price, which is much lower than the competitor, we show who is the true winner by price / performance ratio.

In short, if the need to cover is a maximum performance Wi-Fi without having to spend a large sum of money compared to your nearest competitor, this is the best wifi router for long range that can pull off in the market today.

NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 – AC1900

Netgear (R7000-100PAS) Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router

We must know first of all, that the NETGEAR company is widely known for manufacturing the best network hardware, as well as top-of-the-line wireless routers, whose quality has made them very famous over time.

From this brand, we bring to the list the Nighthawk R7000, a dual band router that represents a great offer, as it is very affordable and very comfortable at the time of installation. With respect to its visual design, the wireless router looks intimidating with a minimalist touch.

It comes with a completely black construction and detachable antennas. The only detail that we find that perhaps a little unpleasant is its large size and weight, although that detail the user can ignore if you have a space reserved for the router and if you also know full of the many features that describe this great product.

With a performance that makes it stand out, Netgear’s Nighthawk shows that it is one of the fastest wireless routers in the market. The performance in both bands of 5 GHz with a speed of 1,300 Mbps and 2.4 GHz with a speed of 600 Mbps, records that are impressive. There were no fluctuations in speed or setbacks of any kind during the test process in the upper band. Making it clear that the R7000 is one of the best wireless routers of Netgear.

This router has support for DD-WRT, offering the ability to run third-party firmware for Linux users. As well as, it comes with support for OpenVPN and OpenDNS. The Nighthawk comes with Quality of Service, QoS, being a feature that allows managing the downward and upward flow of the Internet connection. Another function that this router has is that it can act very well as a NAS. It also has integrated a complete package of parental control.

Although it is quite heavy and bulky, and that can present, in the 2.4 GHz band, some performance hiccups, the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 offers a lot in quality that does not cover the cost. Therefore, the Nighthawk AC1900 is the best economic option when choosing the best WiFi router for long range in the market.

D-Link DIR 890L

D-Link DIR 890L AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

Let’s get to know one of the best top-level wireless routers from D-Link. The manufacturer is widely known for bringing the best network products to market, and in this particular case, with the AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi DIR-890 they did not disappoint.

At first glance, this router loves its appearance, it stands out for its elegance and originality. It maintains a pyramidal structure of red color with the details of the antennas in black. This router fits perfectly with personal computers where aesthetics makes it stand out from the rest, it looks spectacular!

Taking the aesthetics out of the conversation, let’s talk about the important thing, its performance.

This router becomes a necessity for users who live in a large house and who need constant connectivity to maintain several devices online. Although, it comes with six antennas and promises appropriate range as well. If you have problems with the antennas, they can not be disconnected.

Generally speaking, it stands out for its speed and functionality

This router, which has three bands, is for users who can really take advantage of its capacity, for regular users it can become excessive.

Thanks to the tests, it is evident that the wireless router is easy to install and use, besides being quite fast. It maintains a very good speed / range ratio during the emission of the WiFi signal. It also comes with the ability, when adding an external hard drive, to duplicate itself as a NAS.

In relation to the number of LAN ports, it is not very generous, since it only has 4 ports while other routers in the same category can have up to 8 ports. If this detail can be ignored, it is still a very competitive option thanks to its other attributes.

The DIR-890 of D-Link can be considered as one of the best WiFi routers for long range in the market, with which a very marked aesthetic predominates and which sufficiently covers the functional expectations of a high-end router.

Asus RT-AC88U

ASUS RT-AC88U Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router
The company Asus is widely known within the communities of gamers for the quality of its hardware, and are currently at the top in the market of high-end wireless routers.

Regarding the aesthetic design of the router, without a doubt the word that best describes it is elegant, with a black construction with highlights in red, this being a design quite familiar to the line of devices that Asus has previously designed. Apart from the appearance, its cost is very affordable, less than $ 300, which makes it one of the best wireless routers that can be purchased currently in the market.

But as those interested in having a good router are not so aware of their appearance, let’s tell you what makes this router one of the best purchases.

First, the Asus has a web interface that will facilitate the installation and configuration work in a bold way, since it is very intuitive. As soon as it is connected to the computer and the internet, the web interface is automatically deployed, offering a step by step configuration, using an assistant or doing it manually. If the assistant is chosen, it will check the connectivity to then configure the router as a static IP, dynamic or PPPoE, to later enter the data that the interface will request and ready, router configured!.

Let’s talk about performance, firstly, this wireless router has a MU-MIMO data transmission of multiple clients, being incredibly fast for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The RT-AC88U is an AC3100 router equipped with 8 Gigabit LAN ports, each one with the possibility of offering, with the best performance, a high speed internet, as well as it can also act as a NAS since it is a dual band router.

In view of the performance that any gamer who wishes to play online in an effective way would expect, since the speed remains high in any of the available bands, we conclude that the router is not a waste of money, on the contrary, a product of quality at a fair price for one of the best WiFi routers for long range designed for gaming professionals.

What should you know to get the best wifi router for long-range?

First, we need to define what is a wireless router, this being a device that serves as a link between the modem provided by the internet and all those devices that require being connected to the internet that are in your home, work, etc, thus achieving it, by sending an internet wireless signal simultaneously.

Knowing this, when acquiring a wireless router, you must have a set of well-established criteria and have understood how to make an effective purchase and to meet the needs and expectations. Therefore you must know what is the technology that serves as a support to discriminate a good wireless router from a bad one. Keep in mind that not all offer the same standard of WiFI, performance in speed or different types of bands.

We will give a basic explanation on what are the features to contemplate at the time of purchase for the best WIFi router for log range for you.

Safety standards

One of the characteristics that should watch carefully for its good quality is the security protocol offered by your wireless router, as this keeps the private information and the confidentiality of the data transmitted through the use of the router. So far we have 3 options of protocols that ensure wireless networks: WEP, WPA and WPA2 protocols designed at different levels and to access them , they also have different levels of coding.

WEP (wired equivalent privacy): this protocol, through a point-to-point transmission, encrypts the radio wave connection. It makes use of an access code or a PSK (pre-shared key) that establishes a connection between the wireless router and the devices that make use of the signal.

WPA (Wi-Fi protected access): like the WEP protocol, it uses point-to-point transmission by encrypting the radio wave connection, making the access code much more difficult to decipher or decode, which makes it more secure. It makes use of the TKIP (Temporal Key Integration Protocol), which prevents attacks that have broken the WEP protocol, since it generates a new 128-bit key for each packet sent.

While WPA2 is the protocol more secure than the previous ones, offering a stronger wireless security than WPA, through a much more robust encryption using AES (advanced encryption standard), which guarantees greater security. The best WiFi routers for long range tend to have this type of security protocol nowadays.

Range of wireless routers

The range becomes the magnitude of the distance measured by the signal emitted from the wireless router. Its value can vary depending on the proximity to the router, or obstacles that disturb the signal, such as walls, furniture, etc., or interference from other signals near the router. Normally a good wireless router offers a range of approximately 150 feet indoors and outdoors, a little less than that. The type of antenna that the router has also affects the scope.

Number of bands

In a wireless router, the band is the frequency in gigahertz to which the WiFi signal of the modems is emitted. In a wireless router there could be three bands available; Single band, double band and tri-band. In a single band, the frequency can be 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. A dual band will have the frequencies at 2.4Ghz as at 5Ghz, while the tri-band adds an extra frequency of 5Ghz. The routers most quoted are those that offer the tri-band because it guarantees more signal.

The bands that offer more options for wireless connection are dual band and tri-band. However, it should be noted that the frequency of 5Ghz has a lower range than the frequency of 2.4Ghz, which makes it ideal to use the signal indoors for the short range, so in open spaces outdoors, it will not provide the desired scope. In addition there are few devices currently that manage to make connection under the frequency of 5 Ghz.

For cities or for places where there is a lot of congestion due to the number of devices and signals, dual band or tri-band routers are very necessary and advantageous, because although the frequency of 5 GHz is not very compatible with the various devices, you have the choice to connect with the frequency of 2.4Ghz, thus helping the router to deliver better signal according to the frequency offered.

What do the letters A, B, G, N, and AC refer to?

There are four standardized wireless signals according to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) plus one more recent: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. The wireless signal becomes stronger as the letter increases with the alphabet, which explains that the 802.11a signal has the lowest wireless power than the 802.11ac, which has the highest power of all.

  • 802.11a: transmits the wireless signal at 5 GHz frequency with a speed of 54 megabytes per second (Mbps) of data transfer.
  • 802.11b, transmits the wireless signal at 2.4Ghz frequency with a maximum speed of 11 Mbps.
  • 802.11g, transmits with a transmission frequency of 2.4Ghz but at 54Mbps of maximum speed.
  • 802.11n, differs from the others by using a multiple input multiple outputs (MIMO) technology that manages to increase the signal strength with a speed of 600 Mbps, that is really fast!.
  • 802.11ac, also known as the fifth generation Wi-Fi, uses an updated version of the 802.11n technogy, called Muti-User MIMO with 5GHz of transmission frequency and 867Mbps of maximum transfer speed.

The 802.11ac signal is the latest version, which means that the vast majority of the devices of the year are easily connected to this signal. To enjoy the best signal, it is best to adjust the configuration of the router to a signal that is compatible with most devices, since the vast majority uses the 802.11g signal because it is more stable by age.


To allow a direct connection, some wireless routers come packaged with USB ports, allowing the functionality of file sharing using NAS (storage connected to the network) between devices, for example is widely used with printers. This detail, although it is not a necessity, it is always very useful to have the possibility.

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