5 of the Best Windshield Wipers for your car

best windshield wipers

One of the hardest markets to be part of is the windshield wipers, which is currently dominated by traditional companies. Despite this, there are also certain brands that are cheap but do not live up to expectations and needs, especially with seasonal changes.

Get the Best Windshield Wipers for your car

If you are in need of buying new windshield wipers, there are certain aspects that you must take into account, among which the knowledge of the manufacturer to know if it is good enough, the compatibility with your vehicle, in addition to having a support of reviews from buyers of the brand you want to acquire.
But the most important aspect lies in the quality, which is crucial when looking for the best windshield wipers.

Most people basically buy them in two ways, buying them from the vehicle manufacturer or buying from the dominant manufacturers in the windshield wiper market. Despite this, buyers lose sight of important information due to lack of knowledge in the area or because they are not more detailed when choosing.

In simpler words, windshield wipers are basically to clean the windshield glass from sand, dust, rain or snow that hinders visibility.
So they are necessary to ensure visibility while driving under any climatic conditions, because of these, there are certain countries that regulate the good state of the same, and fine anyone who does not have them in optimal condition, as it is obviously dangerous drive a vehicle that does not have the best visibility.

Knowing this, we have made a top of the 5 best windshield wipers so that any buyer can have the bases to choose the one that best meets their needs according to their vehicle and wheather conditions.

ANCO Series 31

ANCO 31 Series Windshield wipers

The market is saturated with amazing windshield wipers, and you can not buy any of them either, because knowing how to choose is very important.

One of the parts of the windshield wipers that has not been discussed are the windshield blades, which end up losing and are those that have been doing all the work on the windshield of your vehicle, so they must be replaced. As you should remember, when looking for a new windshield wiper, you should make sure you know the mounting style and the size of the windshield wipers.

With this said, the Anco series 31 windshield wipers are designed so that the entire installation process is simple and effortless as presented.

To start, the windshield wiper blades are available in all sizes, a topic that is not known to users, but it is always necessary for the manufacturer to Include all possible sizes for all vehicles. The type of material used in the series 31 of Anco, is DuraKlear rubber, material that ensures maximum performance as well as a cloth without stripes, this prevents the windshield from being damaged by scratching.

For the installation process, Anco uses a custom method that ensures the easy connection and removal of the wiper blade, a facility that many people worry about because it could be easily removed. But after testing, it shows that although the blades are extremely easy to install, they can not be removed by pushing them out of place.

For the specific case of the Anco 31 series, it provides some of the best windshield wiper blades available in the market. Since they can be installed with ease, they are not so expensive, they are also made of a quality material that prevents scratching, in general, they are a product that will provide benefits to the buyer.

Rain-X Latitude

Rain-X Latitude Windshield wipers

Now we present the most famous best windshield wiper blade on the market, known as Rain-X Latitude, the celebrity of this product comes because its manufacturers have devoted special attention to the design of these wiper blades.

The Rain-x Latitude is made of quality material, specifically made of synthetic rubber, in order to make the vehicle have the best wiper blades.

These blades come in different sizes presentation, ensuring cover the market needs as the case, so the user will be sure to find the windshield wiper that suits your particular case.

The windshield wiper blade comes with a small pre-installed J-hook that can be used to hold the windscreen wiper, also in case the vehicle has another type of system to hold the wiper blade, it also comes with many accessories that can be used to hold the windscreen wiper blade without having to spend work adapting it to the vehicle in particular.

One of the benefits of this product is that it does not have any exposed metal parts, which completely prevents the accumulation of ice or snow during the winter season, this being one of the circumstances that most affect the proper performance of a windshield wiper, and the Rain-X Latitude comes out of this.

Being an easy-to-install windshield wiper, made of durable material, which also provides a very good operational flow providing a smooth and noise-free experience, makes the Rain-X Latitude one of the best windshield wipers on the market today.

Bosch 26A ICON

Bosch 26A ICON Windshield wipers

One of the best-known companies dedicated to the manufacture of all types of products for any area, industrial, domestic and for vehicles is Bosch, who also dedicated themselves to manufacture windshield wiper blades.

We present the 26A ICON, the best windshield wiper, whose number represents the size of the same in inches, although they also have the presentations for different sizes (13 “, 24” and 26 “), since as large manufacturers of products, they adapt to the needs of the market and they try to cover all the possibilities according to the sizes.

Starting with the basic description of the windshield wiper blade Icon, it comes with a double rubber coating that avoids many of the problems that are normally found in other windshield wipers; They are made of double FX rubber, whose material guarantees to avoid annoying blinking noises. This helps to make better use of the product because this increases the life expectancy by 40 percent of the windshield wipers, which in turn makes it silent during its use. This makes the product offered is really good and that is not a marketing strategy.

Regarding its design, it comes without support, which prevents the accumulation of snow or ice. It also comes equipped with double steel springs, allowing the force applied along the wiper blade to be uniform, another factor that determines the service life of the wiper blade.

People need to be convinced when choosing a wiper blade, as there is always a cheaper option available. The reason why you should buy the wiper blade from Bosch is quite simple, its quality and technology applied to make it work efficiently.

This is one of the best windshield wipers on the market, if it represents an expense for your pocket, but in the long run that expense is reimbursed because the brushes are really good, complementing the vehicle by cleaning the windshield much better than any other model of another brand.

Aero OEM Premium

Aero OEM Premium Windshield wipers

OEM means “original equipment manufacturer”, being in the case of the OEM level wiper blades, that the manufacturer of your vehicle also manufactured the wiper blades.

Many people prefer OEM blades beacuse they are used to the common belief that its quality is better, this is usually not the case unless a comparison is made with others that are of poor quality.

It should be noted that Aero is one of the OEM companies that create some of the best windshield wiper blades for different vehicle manufacturers.

The Aero OEM Premium blades are made with a special mixture of hard-working rubber made by windshield wipers, which in turn are designed aerodynamically in order to have a comparatively lower resistance and, at the same time, a lower amount of noise to be introduced.

To ensure that no dust, snow or ice gets stuck into the windshield wipers and accumulate, these windshield wipers were designed without exposed metal parts, providing a much smoother experience.

In conclusion, the Aero OEM brand will meet the expectations of those users who wish to continue with a manufacturer associated with their vehicle, providing the quality that competes in the market for the best windshield wipers.

Valeo 900 Series

Valeo 900 Series Windshield wipers

First, Valeo is a company known for creating the best windshield wiper blades available on the market, despite that, it is not properly valued for what goes unnoticed within the entire range available to consumers.

One of the best series on the market today is the Valeo 900 series, which comes in a variety of sizes that fit any type of vehicle.

For the manufacture of these great windshield wipers, Valeo uses Tec3 Rubber of high quality, material that allows a longer useful life and ensures that no type of air stream is generated when cleaning the windshield. The wiper blades are designed with ailerons to ensure maximum integrity.

These windshield wipers are really easy to install, since you can place the replacement blade, if necessary, without having to unscrew the previous one.

These windshield wipers are guaranteed so that they do not have metal parts exposed, thus avoiding the accumulation of ice, snow or dust. This ensures that the good performance of windshield wipers is guaranteed, keeping them constant throughout the year.

In short, the Valeo 900 is thebest wipershield blade made to facilitate its use to the buyer, giving valuable time and effort since it makes the installation something very simple, so that its cost does not exceed its real value.

What should you consider to choose the best windshield wiper?

Most of the best windshield wipers are constructed of flexible rubber-coated metal at the top to prevent them from getting damaged in time, and these in turn use different types of blades that are responsible for cleaning the windshield itself. Being these blades made of a soft material that does not damage the windshield.

Do not confuse the term blade with the metal ones, in this case they are those used by the windshield wipers.

Before continuing and buying a windshield wiper for your vehicle, we suggest that you investigate as it is important to avoid that you end up getting the wrong windshield wiper that might not work with the vehicle you own and the use it gives you.

To know what to take into account when choosing the best windshield wiper for you, you must read these main characteristics:

Windshield wiper blade size

First thing is first, you hace to know the exact size of the blade installed on the windshield wiper of your vehicle, it is very important to avoid problems of compatibility or installation.

The simplest way to know the size of the blade is by looking at the size of your windshield, in addition, the blades that are installed on the driver’s side are different in size to the one installed on the passenger side.

Although it seems strange this design difference is to ensure that both blades work in tandem when they turn on. If they were the same size, they would collide. But if you need a blade for the rear window, it will be somewhat smaller due to the difference in size.

Materials for brushes

The most common material for windshield wipers is rubber, since they are easy to find and really easy and cheap to manufacture, but these blades can be degraded by the intensity of use, these tend to be the first to ask for change. But that does not mean that rubber blades are bad as many manufacturers continue to use it, it is only to take into account that its durability is short, but they are very economical so changing them is not a big problem.

Thanks to the technology there are silicone blades, and these are much more durable than the rubber ones, however, they are more expensive. You have to consider one important thing, being that the silicone blades are not easy to mold and manufacture , that is why the boom of this type of brushes is not so high.

So you can see a durability / cost relationship that depends on the type of material. Depending on the need, the consumer chooses which one suits the own particular circumstance.

They also have the market covered blades that are becoming increasingly common, which instead of changing the rubber, are only coated on the top of the rubber to last longer. Instead of rubber touching the surface of the windshield, it is the coated material that makes it.

The advantage is that thanks to the coating of teflon or graphite, the useful life of the rubber is extended, although the rubber is dried, the coating remains just as good.

Coated wipers are a bit more expensive, but their approach can save you money in the long run, since you will not have to change wipers frequently.

Types of wiper blades

You must take into account the type of windshield wiper blade, these are available according to the beam or support style. You must be sure you know the type because they are not compatible, if you buy a type and your vehicle has the opposite type, you can not perform the installation.

Warranty and maintenance

Generally the wiper blades do not come with a warranty, although you are buying the best windshield wiper on the market, in any case where they end up malfunctioning, you will have to buy new ones.

What you should keep in mind is to give it an adequate maintenance to increase the longevity of these blades. Doing occasional cleaning and inspections to make sure there is no debris stuck in the blades. It is very common that wiper blades have some type of debris, especially for users who live in areas that are covered with dust or sand, as well as the frequency of driving the vehicle.

You just have to make sure that if you find any residue, clean it with a little water, everything goes back to normal, otherwise it can cause the windshield wiper to get stuck or break.

To end…

In the automotive market you will have many of th best windshield wipers and accessories available, but keep in mind that you, the buyer, have to make the best choice, beacuse it can be very easy to make mistakes choosing, so you should have all the tips and options in sight to take them into consideration and adjust them to your needs.

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