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best wireless charger

The world needs fewer cables, and the whole issue of the wireless charger has been a long time coming.

Currently, most chargers for any device use cables, and in many cases it becomes a real mess to have to deal with them. Definitely the future points to a reality connected without wires.

We have the 5 best wireless chargers

It seems incredible that the production of wireless devices and chargers is so recent having so many years with cabled chargers and the problems that these have coexisting even with us. Obviously these problems are not catastrophic, but at this point of modernity, we could do without these tangled situations.

Today, the big industries that are at the forefront of technology are joining their efforts to take wireless products of all kinds, hoping that soon the cables are a thing of the past.

In this article we have decided to group the 5 best wireless chargers on the market, comparing their performances, their compatibility and the characteristics that define the best of the rest.


Fast Wireless Charger, PLESON Fast Charge QI Fast wireless Charging Pad Stand

This is a wireless charger that exceeds in value at its accessible price, has characteristics that place it among the best in the market in terms of functionality.

With regard to its design, it has a lighting system that is very simple and does not bother users. There are many wireless chargers that due to their great lighting system and sounds, become very annoying, and this is not the case.

The Pleson has only one light, with which it is notified in green when the phone is charging, just that, and it is what is striking about the charger, its LED light in humanized design.

After the battery is charged, the wireless charger has a reminder that stays on for 10 seconds, which is enough to not disturb the environment around.

Let’s talk about functionality, the Pleson can charge at a speed of 13.5 watts, which makes it very competitive against the most expensive brands in the market. With respect to its compatibility with devices, this is aimed at the cell phone set of Samsung Galaxy, does not include the S6 or Edge.

With respect to Google Nexus 5 and 6, or Iphones, despite having Qi certification, the charge speed is average, so its maximum speed is only for Samsung phones, while for others it is 7. 5 watts.

The Pleson wireless charger comes with a 3-year warranty, which is extensive compared to most in the market that offers 18-month coverage, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee after your purchase. .

Depending on the needs of the user, this charger has a particular feature, is a puck charger, with which you can only charge a cell phone without using it at the same time. So for people who need a constant use of cell phone applications, this feature is not convenient.

Since you must wait until you fully charge the cell phone to be able to use it freely. Other disadvantage is that the thickness of the cell phone housing can not exceed 2 mm in thickness, otherwise the charge can not be carried out.

This is the best wireless charger that can be purchased with a short budget aimed at the Samsung range.


Fast Wireless Charger RAVPower Qi-Certified 7.5W

This wireless charger comes with a design that makes it stand out from the rest, it is so modern it seems to come from the future. For the aesthetic part this charger is simply great.

It has Qi certification that supports the compatibility of use with a large number of devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S7-S9, Note 8, as well as iPhones from model 8 to X.

Speaking now in terms of functionality, this wireless charger has an average charging speed, while the fastest on the market can charge at 15 watts, and the slowest at 3.5 watts, the RAVPower can charge the devices at 7.5 watts .

So its performance is not low but neither is it the most competitive, it makes it fairly fast. But this also offers an advantage over other chargers, has the ability to dispense heat to 15% faster than other competing chargers.

It comes equipped with a battery protection system in case of overvoltage, which occurs when more energy is delivered to the device, or in case of overcurrent, when there is an overload of energy. The technology that has the wireless charger RAVPower allows to monitor the battery in case of being charged, reducing the speed of charge to a drip.

HyperAir patented technology comes in this wireless charger, with which it is allowed to start charging the devices when they just enter the charging range of the RAVPower, this is an excellent feature.

It comes equipped with a battery protection system in case of overvoltage, which occurs when more energy is delivered to the device, or in case of overcurrent, when there is an overload of energy. The technology that has the wireless charger RAVPower allows to monitor the battery in case of being charged, reducing the speed of charge to a drip.

A detail that is not pleasant, is that the LED indicator always remains in an orange color, regardless of whether the device is discharged, charging or already

In short, the RAVPower has a very futuristic design, it has an extensive compatibility with mobile devices and in terms of charging efficiency, it is moderately fast charging as well as being safe for the battery.

This could be the best wireless charger for many buyers seeking efficiency with attractive appearance.


Seneo Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand

Seneo is one of the most well-known and purchased brands in the wireless chargers market until now. This charger comes with a very sophisticated and elegant design, with a bright black color that makes it stand out, as well as a very original design of the LED light that indicates when the cell phone is charging. It also has a considerable amount of charging coils that give size to the support.

With respect to its performance, the Seneo offers the option of 5 and 10 watts in charging speed. The 10-watt mode is aimed at the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, a complete list that can be accessed through the wireless charger page.

It has Qi certification, so its compatibility is palpable but it varies in efficiency, since for other brands, the charging speed is 5 watts.

But despite this, the charge to other devices is possible during its use, so it is quite stable to charge in a little more time than desired. It has protection of voltage, temperature and short circuit.

With this wireless charger you have the possibility of charging without having to remove it from its casing, since it allows to charge it with a thickness of separation between the battery and the charger of 5 mm.

This charger does not have a Qi 2.0 or 3.0 adapter, so it must be purchased separately to extend its compatibility.

Ignoring issues, this is one of the best wireless chargers on the market, compatible with the most used brands in the market, and above all, very useful to charge while using the device.


CHOETECH Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand 7.5W

Choetech’s approach to wireless chargers is quite interesting. They wanted to make a versatile charger, one that can do a little bit of everything quite well, and that’s what they delivered.

First of all, the design of this charger makes it very original and versatile, since it is the only one that allows to have the cell phone device located in a vertical or horizontal position reclined, and not lying down like the rest of the chargers.

This in terms of functionality is a great attribute, since it allows you to continue using your cell phone and applications while it is charged into the holder / charger.

In the base of the wireless charger has an LED band that indicates the state in which the battery is while charging, when it is blue, the charger is in standby mode, when this green, is charging. For greater stability of the wireless charger while it is being used, it has a non-slip rubber base.

With respect to the compatibility of the wireless charger with the devices, it is mostly compatible with the products of Samsung, Galaxy S6 – S9, the Edge and Galaxy Note from 5 to 9.

This wireless charger charges at a speed of 10 watts, which makes it very efficient, and also has charge and temperature protection.

Among the disadvantages of this charger, is the compatibility with the rest of the cellular devices. Because in spite of having the Qi certification, for other non-Samsung devices, the charging speed is much lower, so compatibility is not really strong. Therefore, a separate adapter must be purchased in order to use it, and this is not convenient.

You should also take into account the thickness of the housing of your cell phone, if it is thicker than 4 mm, it is very possible that you do not charge your cell phone.

And for everything else said, this charger is very comfortable, it is very fast, and depending on your particularities with your device, if it has the appropriate compatibility, this is one of the best wireless chargers you can buy.


Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

Introducing the most expensive wireless charger on the list, and not only because it belongs to the brand that was one of the first to venture into this market, but because of the great features it offers.

Its appearance is very modern, it looks like something out of a science fiction movie, which consists of two superimposed discs, the widest in the upper part that has the possibility of locating the device to be charged in any direction without charging problems.

It has a fan, which helps prevent your phone from overheating while charging.

The Samsung wireless charger comes with a multicolored LED light that is not annoying, it is rather very subtle, which shows in what state of charge the device is.

We must emphasize that although this charger is of the Samsung brand, is not only aimed at charging devices of the brand, also offers a very good compatibility with iPhones 8 to X, thus counting on the Qi certification.

This wireless charger charges 9 watts, and yet, thanks to its type of manufacture, it is possible to perform a very fast charge as if it were a charger with a magnitude higher in watts.

For devices of other brands besides the Samsung, the wireless charger charges at 5 watts, but ensuring that it can be done without problems while being used at its highest capacity, requiring a QC 2.0 adapter to achieve the charge.

A disadvantage that we see in the Samsung wireless charger is that it does not allow a charge if the separation with the battery exceeds 3 mm in thickness, that is an annoying detail as we recommend removing it from the case to charge without problem.

Without more to add, we say that this is the best wireless charger for the range of its manufacturer, but that does not disappoint the other devices of the other brands because it charges in a stable way without big problem.

Characteristics of the best wireless chargers

Since the big companies that manufacture intelligent devices began to bring wireless chargers to the market, they have become viral as time goes by. This has generated the market to grow in brands, models, and a very wide range in different characteristics that have made this product a necessity in the pace of life that we all have today.

Thanks to the Qi certification, it has been possible to create a general standard for all devices, thus preventing only a group of devices from benefiting from this product.

Operation of wireless charging technology

Wireless charging technology has been created for more than 100 years, the great scientist Nikola Tesla was the one who showed that magnetic resonance coupling is possible, a phenomenon with which electricity can be transmitted through a medium such as air. For it to work, a transmitter and a receiver are located in nearby places, so that the transmitter then generates a fluctuating magnetic field, thus causing an electrical flow to the receiver. All this knowledge did not become productive until the wireless charging concept came on the market.

In general, a wireless charger is composed of one or more copper coils that create a fluctuating magnetic field and that is then able to create a current flow that charges the battery.

Among the characteristics that should be known about the best wireless chargers, are contemplated:

Charge speed

This is one of the characteristics that still make most of the chargers are wired, because they are the fastest so far. The maximum power for the vast majority of wireless chargers is 5 watts on average. With what manages to charge a battery during the night or a prolonged time, but if you remain using the cell phone makes the time increase even more. The best chargers are those that manage to charge with 7.5 watts and up. Phones like the iPhone and such, are charged with 11 watts.

The best wireless chargers that there are up to now charge with 15 watts of power, only that for issues of compatibility and design, there will always be devices that with a fast charger will not charge at a higher rate.

Shape and size of the charger

Wireless chargers have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which also define the disadvantages and disadvantages they present to the consumer. Depending on the use location and time needed to perform a successful charge, each wireless charger offers features that the buyer should be aware of to know what is the best purchase.
Meet the main categories of wireless chargers:


This type of chargers are ideal to be able to continue using the devices while they are charged, because they also have a shape that helps to hold the device in an ideal vertical or horizontal reading position.


Wireless chargers come more commonly under this category. They are also known as puck for their similarity to the puck disks used in ice hockey. These wireless chargers come as a circular tray on which the cell phone is placed. The only drawback is that the device is in horizontal position, which makes it very difficult to use it while charging and also, the discs have a specific area where the charge is effective, if you move the device a bit on the disc, it is very likely to stop charging.


Like the discs, they are flat surfaces, but in this case they are mats, on which the devices rest in a horizontal position. Unlike discs, the charging surface is much larger, so locating the device to be charged is not so difficult, in addition to allowing several devices to be charged at the same time.

As we can see, there are many features that can be available to have the best user experience. This is a market that is developing constantly, there is still a long way to go and technologies to explore, each time improving the devices and their performance in order to offer the best wireless chargers in the market at increasingly affordable prices.

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