Working out with the Best Wireless Earbuds

best wireless earbuds

Most of the devices for listening to music have wired earbuds, which can be very good in operation but for an user can become annoying, especially if you are doing physical activities for which you need mobility, and the cable is an obstacle that prevents it.

Although wired earbuds can be very good in performance and functionality, you need to know the full range of the market that offers wireless earbuds, in addition to the details that characterize a good pair.

All you need is the Best Wireless Earbuds

So in this article, we will discover the benefits of wireless earbuds and the many possibilities you will have to enjoy your music in a more comfortable way, also, we made a list with the best wireless earbuds on the market to make your purchase faster and clearer.

Bluetooth headset SENSO

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

The SENSO brand comes with a very economic model for its users, but in performance it offers a lot for its price.

First of all we will talk about the design of these earbuds, they are very ergonomic and closed, with a very minimalist red and black combination. Its ergonomics comes thanks to its ear clips that are very soft and flexible, which makes it easier to place them on the ears.

Also bring a case to keep the earbuds protected, as well as is equipped with 3 tips of different sizes for the ears. The SENSO brand was kind enough to bring a car charger in the earbuds container box, which is an unconditional gesture that no other brand offers.

Being very frank, in this market, at a higher price, higher quality and performance. That said, the SENSO earbuds are not going to offer the performance that distinguishes the most expensive brands but, something that is a fact, is that they offer a high quality of real sound.

These earbuds are compatible with Hi-Fi, and offer excellent sound suppression, thus achieving unsurpassed sound quality.

These wireless earbuds are ideal for people who do high impact and intensity training, as they come with the IPX7 rating that guarantees their proper functioning under these circumstances.

Without a doubt, the Senso brand managed to bring to market a quality product, these being the best wireless earbuds on the market for a cheap price.

Jaybird x3 Sport

Jaybird X3 in-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

We come with a model from the Jaybird brand, a Logitech company, which has built a respected name in the headphone market, especially among the public of athletes, with a representative of the best series of the brand. The excellence of these earbuds are reflected in the cost, but their value makes them a fair purchase.

This headset is the smallest of the X series, also comes with the same sweat-proof design that characterizes the brand. And among the unique features, comes equipped with an extra battery that has the purpose of prolonging the life and performance of the main battery. This version has new settings in the
6mm drivers that make them have a much better sound produced.

Speaking of the performance of the wireless earbuds, they certainly offer an impeccable sound, plus it has a noise suppression system that makes them perfect the audio even more. Only that the blockage is such that it can represent a risk not to hear sounds from the outside, it is always necessary when playing sports abroad to have a minimum of auditory information to be aware of what is around you. Also, to transport them with care, the brand brings a bag that combines very well with your design.

In short, the Jaybird X3 are the best wireless earbuds for athletes, being very comfortable and so good in performance.

Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones

Samsung comes to this list with its model of wireless earbuds Level U Pro. They bring a great modern and modern appearance, with a particular band for the neck, which makes it much easier to use, being quite light and sweat-proof, allowing much comfort during use. In case of receiving notifications, the band is responsible for vibrating in a very subtle way when a notification is received.

The performance of the Samsung Level U Pro is one of the best, naming the model as one of the best wireless earbuds for its great sound for a very affordable price. These earbuds are really comfortable to use since the sound is so well produced that it does not generate fatigue when used for an extended period of time.

This is not the best of all the market, but they are the best wireless earbuds because of its price / performance ratio that makes it an excellent choice to buy.

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headset

Wireless Earbuds Nasion.V Q29 Mini Dual

We continue with a model of a brand that is not well known, but that is building its name within the market of wireless earbuds with a seal of very own quality. SoundPEATS comes with a fairly low price with one of the best audios.

With respect to their appearance, well, they stand out for their size, they are the smallest of the list. They come enclosed in a case that also works as a support to load them.

To adapt them to any user, it comes equipped with tips for the ears that ensure an adequate fit. What makes these wireless earbuds stand out from the list, is that they are also very comfortable to use, since in addition to being small, they are very light, so using them does not represent any effort or discomfort.

Speaking of how they work, even though they are small, they sound very good, and have a full charge duration between 2.5 to 3 hours, which is quite impressive.

You should keep in mind that due to their size, and that they are separated, losing one of the wireless earbuds is a latent risk, you must be very careful with respect to its use.

After our explanation, we say that the Bluetooth SoundPEATS are the best wireless earbuds for its size, comfort, operation and its price, since they are very economical.

Bose SoundSport Wireless

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

We present a model of the Bose brand, a brand that is well known for the technology it has applied to audio devices, improving the user and sound experience more and more. This is an expensive brand, and the model we are going to present does not exclude a high price.

Bose SoundSport Wireless is a model designed for users who exercise, who will use earbuds in full physical activity. They come in black and aqua, they are very comfortable during use, which makes time pass and the user feels totally relaxed of having earbuds on without bother.

One of the great advantages that bring these earbuds is their duration time charged, it can reach up to 6 hours of continuous activity, being able to reduce this time according to the volume they sound.

They come with the unsurpassed technology that highlights the brand with active noise cancellation.

A bonus, in case you use it with your cell phone, you can very well receive or make calls through these wireless earbuds.

An aesthetic detail that we must point out, is that the tips of the ears stand out when being used. This detail does not represent a problem at the functional level, but maybe you do not like the user to notice the protruding tip.

But closing the idea, the Bose SoundSport are the best wireless earbuds on the market until now, with a high price but that is compensated very well for its great performance, technology and comfort, discarding the aesthetic inconveniences.

What must a pair of the best wireless earbuds have?

These wireless devices have been much traveled since they started on the market. During its inception, wireless earbuds did not offer a real improvement over their wired counterparts, but the time and current needs have an impact on these, wWhat must a pair of the best wireless earbuds have?e can say that currently the market offers a good quality products, and above all, a performance that could be equated to wired earbuds. With the implementation of technologies, such as enhanced Bluetooth and Apt-X, an evolution in sound has been achieved while saving energy.

In itself, these wireless earbuds have their reason to be for that group of people who need to feel comfortable and free while listening to their favorite music, and that majority is constituted mainly by athletes.

Among the most important attributes that should have the best wireless earbuds, we present the following essential features.


This feature is mandatory for wireless earbuds designed for athletes, it must be visible in the shopping cart that has this attribute. There are brands that are completely waterproof, and this is a level of specificity that is not required by most users, unless they require them in water activities.

When purchasing the best sweat-proof wireless headsets, you must be sure that they have a backing from the manufacturer brands and that you know of athletes who use them to have a real base of optimal performance.

Active noise cancellation

This is one of the features that all high-end best wireless earbuds possess. In itself consists of having incorporated the circuits that are needed to cancel any noise that comes from the outside of the headset, thus allowing a sound from the filtered and pure earpiece for the user’s genuine delight.

This attribute has many negative critics for the security risk that can represent not being aware of what surrounds the user, but also makes users can really enter what they want to hear.

Fit and comfort

Taking into account this feature is a fundamental one, because when you are going to listen to music while doing an extra activity, it is necessary that the user does not feel discomfort or annoyance while making use of the wireless earbuds.

You must prove that the headset adapts to you, that you do not feel any discomfort and that thanks to the ear tips you can adjust to the shape of the ear, thus facilitating the adjustment.

When buying, you should make sure that user reviews reveal the comfort of the wireless earbuds, avoiding buying something that will cause discomfort.

Battery duration

It is obvious that wired earbuds have the battle won in this feature, but now with the updates made, it has been possible to bring the wireless earbuds to a lasting time of approximately 10 hours of use. So at the time of purchase, you should consider if an estimate of the battery life of the wireless earbuds is issued. The duration of the battery is subject to the connection technology used by the headset, the newer the technology, the longer time of use of the best wireless earbuds is extended.


It is necessary to be informed of the version of the Bluetooth, since the operation of the best wireless earbuds is optimized as the version is more recent, granting a greater duration of the battery and a better connectivity. At this time, the latest version of Bluetooth is 5.0.


This characteristic represents a comfort for the user, since the wired earbuds always have the problem that the cable is entangled, that the cable is stepped on or damaged. While the wireless earbuds with very simple to transport. First of all, to take them in a pocket, you can remove them without difficulty because they will not have tangled.

This advantage between the earbuds with or without cables depends on the type of use that will give the buyer, who after reading the list will notice very visibly that this market targets the group of athletes and people who require physical activities while making use of the wireless earbuds.

To close the general idea, we hope to have explained the most important features to make an effective purchase and that the list has given the right light to find the best wireless earbuds to start enjoying your favorite tunes while doing the activities that most fill your spirit.

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