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In this opportunity we bring you a fabulous list with the 5 best Xbox steering wheels to be able to properly discern which is the ideal one to satisfy that thirst for virtual speed in the best racing simulation games. If you already have an Xbox steering wheel and want to change it for a better one or if you have never had one, we are here to help you get the features that will bring the options and features you want so much.

We have the best Xbox steering wheel for you!

There is a detail that you have to know, and that is that the accessories market for simulation games is totally saturated with all kinds of steering wheels, brands, models and functions. We will be the guide to find the Xbox steering wheel that best suits you.

Mad Catz Wireless Force

Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel

First, the brand of this Xbox steering wheel is one of the best brands in the third-party peripheral market. And in the field of steering wheels, this is his first incursion, and it does not disappoint anyone apart from being at a very accessible price.

With respect to its appearance, the design of the Wireless Force is traditional, and is built with quality materials for which the Mad Catz brand is known. The platform is black and the steering wheel comes in silver with a pretty solid appearance.

The first attribute that we should emphasize is that as its name says, it is used wirelessly, but to make it work, it needs an outlet. Showing a very good performance in all the tests that have been done. In the games where you need to demonstrate great skill in front of the steering wheel, it was very powerful, responding adequately to each movement accurately.

Despite the good performance that this Xbox steering wheel has, there is a detail that can not go unnoticed, and is that the pedals feel made of a poor quality material, seem cheap, that is an important detail when it comes to feel into the game. It is also not compatible with the Xbox One console.

If the above mentioned detail is ignored, we must reach the indisputable agreement that the Mad Catz Wireless Force is a very nice Xbox steering wheel designed to achieve a fun and comfortable game at a price of less than $ 300, which makes it worthy of a superior price-functionality ratio.

Logitech G920 Driving Force

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel

We now present an elite class Xbox steering wheel that can be used with power and class to prove it. This is a steering wheel that was expressly designed to be used on an Xbox that also has full support for PC, PS3 and PS4

Speaking of its design, it is presented very elegantly, maintaining a very sophisticated appearance. The location of the buttons is very precise and well placed, and the good thing about the platform is that it can be located in any space comfortably, it is very practical.

Even for those players who have all the accessories and environment to enter the race simulation with everything, they are amazed with the performance of this steering wheel.

The only undesirable side of the steering wheel is its price, it costs an average of $ 350 without a gear lever, if you want it, the price rises to more than $ 400.

Now, if you look objectively, you have to keep in mind that Logitech released a product that has no defects in functionality, so it can be said that this is one of the best Xbox steering wheels at a price consistent with its quality.

Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 racing wheel – Italy Edition

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

We come with one of the editions of the Thrustmaster Xbox steering wheel, which comes with an elegant and minimalist design, with the details that startle the part of the iconic logo of the Ferrari in the center of the steering wheel.

With regard to the quality of the materials with which the steering wheel is made, it feels quite solid and precise. This Xbox steering wheel can be found at an average price of about $ 300, a price that increases according to the edition of the steering wheel you get to buy.

Let’s talk about the functionality of the Thrustmaster Xbox steering wheel: first of all, it is compatible with Xbox One and PC. Regarding the performance in the game, well a word can sum it up: wonderful.

It really exceeds expectations in all tests performed. For all tested games it worked optimally, without presenting any problem in response, besides giving a good feeling with regard to the vibration of the steering wheel or the effect of force at playing, giving the perception of being a soft, strong and sensitive steering wheel.

Although it seems incredible, we have no complaints about the steering wheel Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458, since it was fully capable to perform all that was required in the tests successfully, so we conclude without a doubt that the TX racing wheel Ferrari 458 Italian Edition is one of the best Xbox steering wheels available in the market, offering the user only satisfaction.

HORI Racing Wheel One

HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive

Following this fabulous list, we bring the HORI Racing Wheel One, which could be considered the best Xbox steering wheel in terms of price since it is really very economical. This is a practical, lightweight, simple steering wheel with no additional functional accessories.

Speaking of the design issue, this wheel is made of plastic, material that not many fascinate but what you have to take into account is that this factor is what makes it accessible in price. It is the only Xbox steering wheel that can stay stuck to the surface where it is played thanks to the use of suction cups. It has a certificate for use on Xbox One by Microsoft

As we mentioned, it is simple, that implies that this steering wheel does not have the support for the feedback of the vibration or force that so many gamers love, so this steering wheel is more suitable for arcade racing games than others games that require feedback to make the gaming experience satisfactory.

We already know that we may have disappointed you with the fact of offering a steering wheel without feedback during its use, but you should bear in mind that this steering wheel is being offered at $ 80. So you should consider your personal needs, if the use you will give to this product does not require feedback, this is the steering wheel for you, we just have to remind you is the best Xbox steering wheel for its price.

Thrustmaster VG Ferrari

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458

In this opportunity, we will show another option that stands out for its cheap price. The Thrustmaster VG Ferrari steering wheel has a very bold appearance, thanks to the Ferrari logo giving an air of elegance.

One of the things that surprised us is its construction, considering that it is very economical, it has a solid appearance, besides that it is compatible with all the games that involve driving.

It should be noted that the Thrustmaster VG Ferrari has been a design created for the Xbox One, and is compatible with the Xbox 360.

The only negative side that we find this model is that it lacks additional options that are found in the highest priced copies, and remembering this detail, we see that this could be one of the best Xbox steering wheels that mix quality and price accessible.

How to choose the best steering wheel for Xbox?

We must be grateful that this market has many options, models, functions, prices and appearances. It is necessary to have certain characteristics in mind so that the purchase is adequate and fits your needs, which we will present to you for consideration:

  • Stability

It is one of the first issues, we do not want to make a sudden movement and fall or pull the wheel with all the cables, keep in mind a well located station.

  • Space requirements

It is an element that occupies a good amount of space and to put it in certain rooms can sometimes be a problem, especially the playseats that come with the built-in gaming chair and have bulky dimensions.

  • Extensibility

Think about if you want to have a set to play at your leisure. Will you buy a special racing chair? Will you put a second screen?

The key to these Xbox steering wheels is the force feedback technology. Thanks to it we can feel how we take a curve, if we touch the wheel with the turn or if we have lost a second for not braking well. With this technology, the steering wheels get you to have that realistic feeling of driving simulating the typical resistances in the turns.

We hope that this article has covered your expectations in relation to what is in the market and so make a confident decision to have the best Xbox steering wheel for you.

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