Barnacle WiFi Tether App for Rooted Android Phone

Barnacle is a free tool that turns your “rooted” Android phone into a Wireless (WiFi) Access Point allowing you to browse internet on your computer. For tethering to work no custom kernels or ROMs are required. Barnacle supports Windows Mac and Linux.

Barnacle WiFi Tether

Tethering allows you to share internet connection of you mobile phone with your computer or devices like Apple iPad.

Barnacle wifi tethering app is available in the Android Market for free. Before downloading and installing Barnacle WiFi tether app, be sure your Android phone is rooted.

WiFi Tethering using Barnacle Android App

1.  Download Barnacle and open it, now it’s Open Source.
2.  Navigate to Settings and SSID to name your network.
3.  Then navigate into Wireless Security, then enable WEP and choose a password.
4.  Now go into both WAN and LAN and clear out all information.
5.  Hit the back arrow soft key and tap “Start”.
6.  Wifi tethering is completed successfully. Enjoy your free wifi hotspot!

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