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Reading through an electronic device, a tablet or an eBook reader, not only allows you to free yourself from the clutter of paper books, but also offers exclusive possibilities, for example, access to hundreds of free books available on the Internet.

Yes, you read that right! There are hundreds of books that can be downloaded from the Internet in a completely legal way without spending a dime. To better understand what I am talking about, try to take a look at the sites I am about to point out to you: these are online services, through which you can download many free PDF books to read comfortably on your computer, eBook reader , smartphone and tablet.

Between the great classics of world literature and the works of emerging authors, there is an ocean of words, concepts and stories to explore. You would be making a serious mistake not to take advantage of it, not least because the eBooks in question are almost all DRM-free. This means that you can copy and read them on any device using the applications of your choice. There are no constraints or restrictions to be submitted. To find out more, please read on.

Free PDF books: download

As I told you at the beginning of the tutorial, on the Web there are many Internet sites that you can refer to to get free PDF books . Here are some of the best.

Project Gutenberg

Impossible to talk about free PDF books without mentioning Project Gutenberg . Haven’t you ever heard of it? Then get ready to have a good feast of free books. It’s, in fact, a service born from the idea of ​​the American computer scientist Michael Hart, who back in 1971 started a project to digitize literary works from all over the world to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

At present, the site hosts over 50,000 eBooks in all languages ​​that can be downloaded at no cost. The download is absolutely legal, as the works available on Project Gutenberg are no longer protected by copyright or, in any case, are freely granted to the public by the legitimate authors. Note, however, that due to the limitations applied by some Internet providers, it may be necessary to use international DNS to access the site .

To start browsing the contents on Project Gutenberg, go to the home page of the site , click on the Search and Browse item at the top and, in the new page that opens, click on the word Browsing options to expand the relative menu, then choose whether to view the available eBooks by author, by title, by language or by date of addition by clicking on the links of your interest.

You can also search for eBooks by keyword, by typing the keyword of your interest in the appropriate field next to the Quick search item and pressing the Search button . Alternatively, you can carry out an advanced search by clicking on the word Advanced search , setting the search parameters available as you see fit and, even in this case, then pressing the Search button .

Subsequently, click on the name of the work of your interest and, on the summary page of the same that is proposed to you, go ahead with the download, by clicking on the PDF link in the Download This eBook section . It should be noted that not all books are available in PDF format, some can only be downloaded in ePub , Mobi or can be viewed directly online in HTML format .


Another site where you can find dozens of free PDF books is Manybooks , which distributes public domain works in all major languages ​​of the world. The only thing to take into consideration is that to proceed with the content download, you need to register for free on the portal.

To browse the content on the site, visit its home page , click on the Discover item at the top and select the genre of your interest from the menu that opens. Alternatively, you can choose the Authors , Languages ​​or Genres options , to view the various eBooks by author, language or genre.

You can also decide to carry out a search directly, by typing the keywords of your interest in the text field at the top of the page and clicking on the magnifying glass icon located on the right.

Once you have found the eBook you are interested in, click on its title , press the Free Download button on the new page displayed and register your profile to use the service, indicating your name, email address and password or using your Google account . Then specify the literary genres you prefer, select the PDF format as the default for downloading eBooks and wait for the book to be downloaded.

If you made a mistake in selecting the default format for downloading books when creating your account, you can still change it later, by clicking on the My Profile item at the top right of the site page, by clicking on the Edit Account option from the menu that appears, selecting the format in question from the Formats section of the displayed page and pressing the Save button .

Open Library

Open Library is an Internet Archive project that has the ambitious goal of cataloging all existing books. It contains links to purchase the works still on the market in bookstores, but also allows you to download the available public domain eBooks at no cost and read them directly via the Web. It hosts works in all languages ​​of the world.

To be able to use it, go to its home page , click on the Browse menu at the top and select the Subjects item from it to browse the works available by genre.

As an alternative to how I indicated earlier, you can search for eBooks directly, by typing the keyword of your interest in the text field at the top right and then pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. You can also limit your search to book titles only, authors and other parameters by selecting the option you are interested in from the adjacent drop-down menu.

When you find an eBook that you think may interest you, click on its title and proceed with the download, selecting the PDF link that you find in the Download Options section located on the left of the page dedicated to the book that opens.

Kindle Store

You probably weren’t aware of it, but Amazon’s Kindle Store contains, in addition to paid digital books, hundreds of titles that can be obtained without spending a cent. Obviously, to be able to download them it is essential to have an Amazon account (if you don’t have one yet, you can create it)

That said, to get the free books available on the Amazon Kindle store, visit the appropriate section of the Amazon website , log in to your Amazon account (if necessary), locate the eBook you are interested in and click on its title .

Next, make sure the Kindle Format is selected (with a price of 0.00 ), choose the reading device (if you have one) to send the book to from the Send to drop-down menu and press the Buy Now button with 1-Click .

Books taken from the Amazon store can be read through Kindle eReaders , Amazon Kindle applications for Android (if you use a device without the Play Store, you can instead go to alternative app markets ), iOS / iPadOS , Windows and macOS and through the Kindle Cloud reader usable by the browser. Also, keep in mind that the eBooks in question are not in PDF but in Kindle format . However, once the download is complete you can still convert them and read them on other devices using ad hoc software such as Caliber .

Other sites for free online PDF books

Did none of the free PDF book portals that I have already suggested in the previous lines satisfied you? In that case, I recommend that you take a look at the other sites that you find in the list below.

  • – it’s a site that has the noble purpose of preserving collective memory (the same that is located behind the Open Library site I told you about earlier). To do this, it collects and makes available to the public cultural content of all kinds: films, music, video games, websites and obviously books. In its huge database you can find millions of eBooks and magazines that can be downloaded for free and in a completely legal way (as they are no longer protected by copyright or distributed in agreement with the rights holders). The contents are in various languages.
  • ZLibrary – this is another excellent site, which can count on a database of about 3 million books in different languages, all downloadable at no cost and in PDF format.
  • PDF Books World – as easily understood by the name itself, this is a site that allows you to access many digital books available in PDF format. The contents on the portal are none other than the digitized versions of books that are now in the public domain and which, therefore, can be downloaded for free without the slightest problem. Note, however, that all content is in English only.

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