Rooting Instructions for HTC EVO 4G now Available!

HTC EVO 4G android phone on Sprint was rooted recently, and now we have guide to root EVO 4G. toastcfh from xda-developers has found way to give you root access on EVO 4G. Rooting Android phone provides full access to its system files allowing you to modify the phone’s firmware and install third party apps, themes and custom ROMs. You can then spruce up your EVO handset with number of third party applications.

How to root HTC EVO 4G Android Phone

Step 1:  Download this file ( and copy it to the root of the storage card.

Step 2:  Turn the phone off. Once it is, hold down the volume button and the power button until you get a white screen and some text. You’re now in the bootloader. It should automatically start checking the file you copied on the card.

Step 3:  Once it’s done, it will prompt and ask if you want to install Images. Select yes.

Step 4:  Confirm to reboot.

You have now rooted ROM on your EVO. Make sure to delete or rename the PC36IMG file so that it does not try to install it again automatically next time you enter into bootloader. You can rename it by plugging in the phone, choosing “HTC Sync” and type the following command:

adb shell mv /sdcard/ /sdcard/

Voila! You have rooted your HTC EVO 4G successfully. Leave the phone plugged in if you want to load the custom recovery.

Flashing recovery for custom ROMs

To install custom ROMs on the Evo 4G, you must flash the recovery image. Follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Download this file (evorecovery) to your desktop  and unzip it.

Step 2:  Type “adb reboot recovery” on your command line prompt (without quotes). This will reboot the phone into recovery mode. It looks like this:


Step 3:  Once it’s in recovery mode, go back to your computer. Find the evo-recovery file that you unzipped. Inside are a series of files. For Windows, double-click “recovery-windows.bat.”  Windows Vista or Windows 7 users must right-click it first and choose “Run as administrator.” You now have the custom recovery module so you can back up the phone, flash custom ROMs, etc.

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